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Hey if you can please add sans in the song not just chakra and frisk!!! >_< I want sans please please
This is awsome please do more!!!
Um...Can you PLEASE add another Undertale Stronger than you because there are Three on YouTube not including the One that combines frisk and chara. That is all I want (Justin Lewis)
I loved this podcast but was wondering if you could add more Undertale songs? (Even though Undertale is a dead game)


Giving it five stars because the songs I heard, the undertale ones are good. Not sure about the other ones, but I know I like the ones I have heard.
I love everything about this <3 I remember when I requested Mottoke! Sailor Fuku! And I still love that theme to this day XD Clap-and-A-Half to you, my friend!


It's good but can you put stuff on faster
Could you upload I Lie and I Love please? Great song choices, by the way!