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Answering the question from the beginning of S1 E10 - I'm listening to this podcast because I'm watching the OC for the first time. - 05/28/18 Just started watching the show on Hulu and listening to the podcast. I think it's great commentary. I appreciate that JT has seen the show four times and this is the first time for the other two (including myself) but he's spoiling the show every step of the way. It's not enough to stop listening because the commentary is enjoyable but I could see it potentially becoming too much. I know it's late now since you've recorded the show but just a heads up for future listeners. - 03/14/18
I saw that they were many different oc podcasts around but chose to listen to this one and I don't regret it
Legitimately my favorite thing right now.
3 dudes know so much about the OC, which by itself is hilarious, but their commentary, and now, their latest role-playing episode have taken the podcast realm to the next level.
Hi guys. I was a huge fan of this podcast early on, but I think now you're losing a listener. Lately it seems like you've been pretty exclusionary with your fans and discussing side conversations with your clique of fans that you've had on Twitter rather than sticking to the podcast. I'm all about interacting with listeners, but when it gets to be a good chunk of what you're talking about then that makes some fans feel left out of the conversation, especially when people like me do attempt to interact. I wish you guys luck with the rest of your podcast, as the OC is a great show, but I think I'll be sitting the rest of this out.
The OC Men delve into the nitty gritty of this ridiculous teen drama with so much passion and focus, it makes me scream with laughter on my daily commute. Keep your eye on Luke...and on this awesome show!
A great show deserves great commentary. Thats where The O.C. Men come in! Every week I enjoy the hilarious thought provoking insights regarding the O.C. aswell as enjoying the journey with a few newcomers to the show! Great stuff guys A++++++++(what is this ebay?)
The OC Men do a deep dive on each episode. It's a great way to relive the drama, the humor, the clothes, the music, and the random sibling re-casting of The O.C.