Reviews For Fourth Trimester Podcast: The first months and beyond | Parenting | Newborn Baby | Postpartum | Doula

First I became a listener who became a fan of this show and the hosts Sarah and Esther. Enjoyed the show vibes and info which highlights guests that are new to me and I love hearing from different experts. I was invited as a guest and this brought my enjoyment to the next level. Sarah is a great host, made me feel.comfortable and have me the opportunity to share my expertise. The focus on the fourth trimester is sorely lacking and you ladies are doing a great job!
Thank you for this podcast. I'm in a strange state with no family or mom friends, and my partner is at work all day. This has possibly been a life saver. I feel so much more normal after listening!
As someone who is hoping to be a new mom soon, the content in this podcast is a great resource for mental and emotional preparation. What I like most about this podcast is that it's not just a how-to for logistics of caring for a baby, but the topics that aren't always noticed or addressed. I love it!
If you're a new mom, definitely check this podcast out. Super helpful advice from intelligent and caring moms!
Anyone welcoming a new baby or supporting friends/family in doing so should listen! The producers analyze discrete issues of importance and provide a jumping off point for parents to decide how to tackle specific issues. This is exactly the kind of resource I wish I had before my first child was born, but it is still incredibly useful in thinking about the arrival of a second child.
Sarah and Esther are engaging hosts and have already covered a wide variety of topics, all directly relevant for new moms. I'm beyond proud of Sarah, who's an amazing mother to our baby girl!
These podcasts are great resources for new mom. Share with your family/ friends.
This is the most informative, easy to listen to podcast I've found. The issues presented on the podcast are ones I would have never considered otherwise as a first time mother-to-be. Thanks so much for the eye opening content you share. I look forward to all that's to come!