That's What She Said

Reviews For That's What She Said

Really enjoy this podcast. The commentary on pop culture is hilarious, and their information on how local politics work and running for office (even though I don't live in Milwaukee) is incredibly interesting and informative.
I am giddy every time a new episode of TWSS drops. Tee & Von are giving us the honest to goodness read on any all Tea. I support dope chics raising the bar on sophisticated ratchet. Kidding. But I'm truly a fan.
I listen to Tee & Von every week while I'm working. They discuss a variety of topics and are able to connect them to their lived experiences and known impacts among marginalized communities. This well rounded show is witty, sassy, and unapologetic with pointing out problematic actions in politics, cultural trends, media, & everyday experiences we are all exposed to. Not faint for the heart, it is important to own your individual privilege on all levels to fully hear/connect/understand what these strong and intelligent woman are saying. Von can add that petty train fire into the conversation from time to time so if you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. πŸ˜‰ Absolutely recommend listening to this podcast!
I love this show, two very funny intelligent women dropping that knowledge love at first πŸ‘‚πŸΎ
I listen to Tee and Von when I am working out and sometimes when I am pretending to work out. I love them. The emphasis on things that are important to women, to people in Milwaukee, and also a lot of trivial stuff that I probably don’t think about much but is still fun is just the right mix. Plus, I got one cool point for knowing what the Beyhive was with my kid.