Jim Robbie and the Wanderers

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yup … pretty good


The show gets better after over 5 episodes. The stories are fun to listen to after a long day.
this is charming and delightful. it brightens my life all the time always. it was one of the first audio dramas i ever fell in love with and it still has my entire heart. just this is a product made with love by honestly super good and cool ppl that i am proud to call myself a fan of.it is fun and lighthearted and silly with extremely good and creative world building and character design. there are also kickassed well developed female characters, super super good normalized lgbtpn+ rep as well as rep for poc and disabled ppl. as an autistic nb lesbian its really nice to be represented so well in the kind of media i love so much. i have zero problems with it and trust me i am critical of everything. just pls give this fun happy apocolyptic travel story a chance. its absolutely perfect, not that it is well polished but that its personal and heartfelt and really just a good thing that is in the world right now. It warms my heart
Consistently entertaining and well done!


jratw does an amazing job of dealing with complicated issues in a lighthearted and fun way. i have sold parts of my soul to this podcast, and charlie is my platonic wife now. long story short, jratw is one of my absolute favorite podcasts.
Sorry, I tried, but the acting is stiff, mechanical and way too theatrical. The writing leaves a lot to be desired. If you're looking for a well-told tale there are plenty of other shows out there. This crew needs a few years of work before it's ready.
Until episode 18, I was going to rate this podcast five stars. But after this episode's repeated transphobia, and every instance of transphobia following this episode, I almost dropped the series entirely. Because of course the series' only transgender character is played by a cis actor of a different gender than the character, of course the character is the series' main villain, of course the trans character's name is a shortened version of the name assigned to them at birth, and of course whether or not the trans character's name and pronouns are used is completely contingent on how much other characters like the trans character. Really says a lot about the series' producers that they let this horrible episode through, as well as the many following instances of transphobia. And an actor from The Bright Sessions also played a part in this episode?! I had more faith in them than that.
The adventures of musicians and their wish powered robot/radio as they travel across what sprang up in America after the world ended. What sprang up? Just about everything. Giant bees, folks that turn into animals, mad scientists, cultured zombies, did I mention the robot/radio is powered by wishes? This show is so good and deserves your time.
The sound quality isn't fabulous, and the plot can be cliche, but as a queer disabled person I love the representation in this podcast. It's an excellent podcast overall
Against gritty, spooky one-note stuff like all the horror podcasts that are out there, here is a wholly unique and creative world and cast of characters! Yes, the voice acting is a bit iffy in terms of quality in the beginning, but no series is ever perfect from the start, especially from small podcasts like this. If anything, it should give fans more incentive to become patrons of theirs on Patreon, to help the show become even better! Jim Robbie and the Wanderers is a fantastic new take on both the apocalypse genre and fantasy, with two girls and their robot friend (who's just a radio on a coffee can, with spatulas) traveling and meeting zombies and vampires and it's just really cute and adorable, even when stuff gets sad! Because if it was happy all the time, it wouldn't be as much fun! I can't wait for the rest of season two, and I hope there's lots more to come!!
I wish I had a better way to describe this podcast, but it's truly terrible. The audio quality sounds like it's from an old cassette tape recorder & the storyline+dialogue sounds like it was written by middle schoolers. Not to mention the voice actors are noticeably reading their lines throughout & overacting / screaming the rest of the time. I'm completely befuddled as to how this got good reviews. I hate to be the one as I don't write many reviews ,but I felt terribly mislead by all the stars. I listened to 4 episodes hoping for improvement to no avail . I truly only review things when they're exquisitely good or equally bad so. . . Sorry :(
In a world full of horror-mystery audio dramas, JRATW is a delightful breath of fresh air. The post-apocalyptic America this podcast creates is fun and surprising. The world is richly painted and it makes you want to explore with Charlie and Tango forever.
Engaging narrative and compelling characters!
I love hearing podcasts that continue to evolve and improve as they put out episodes. The show keeps getting tighter and the voice actors are really meshing. Very fun and endearing listen.
Like the Wizard of Oz, Jim Robbie & the Wanderers is a fantastical road trip through a strange and delightful landscape. Earnest, imaginative, & hopeful, JR is a refreshingly upbeat entry into the world of audio drama.
Don't expect a kill-or-be-killed fight for survival in a war drenched wasteland. JRatW's apocalypse is bursting with life and surpriingly civilised. This is an America broken apart, and putting itself back together with surpriing humanity. The zombies are gentrified, the desserts and towns are populated with small peaceful communities of fanciful creatures living side by side with humans. Comparissons to Adventure Time or Over the Garden Wall are apt, as Tango, Charlie and Jim Robbie trek across a gentle weird.
you have to give it a few episodes as the audio quality steadily improves, but its so worth it! this show is well written, the voice acting and the chemistry between the characters is great! as i said the production quality does improve, so keep keep listening PLEASE! you won't be disapointed!
Jim Robbie is like a brighter audio drama version Adventure Time. It's funny, endearing, made with love and wildly entertaining. Check it out!
This podcast is so great! The voice acting is on point, and the characters have such great chemistry with each other. Definitely a must-listen podcast!
The world-building and stuff is /so cool/, like I cannot even express how much I love it. The acting and the integration of sound effects are sorta subpar at times, but the improved as episodes progress is very clear. And it makes up for it by earnestly telling a great story about legitimately likable characters (and the commitment to representation doesn’t hurt either).