Debatably Funny

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If my job had a water cooler, I would no longer look like an uninformed idiot while my co-workers and I talked about movies around the water cooler thanks to Keith and Spencer.
I've listened to a lot of comedy podcasts, and Debatably Funny is the funniest comedy podcast I've heard! Listen to it!
5/5 - Criminally Underrated Podcast Soon to Become One of Your Favorites If Debatably Funny is representative of the direction the avant garde comedy-podcast scene is moving in, consider me fully on board. Debatably Funny is a demonstrably hilarious podcast that defies genre and theme and delivers gold on a weekly basis. Hosts Keith Gilmore and Spenser Porter share the duties of MCing, waxing faux-etic, interviewing characters, performing as characters, bringing to life brief written "sketches," and building worlds from scratch with words. Recurring segments and character studies serve as the clean plate for their bread and butter: off-the-cuff comedic exploration. The cheekily titled segments---such as, "Watercooler Masterclass," where the duo "watch" and "explain" a movie (read: skim a trailer and extrapolate wildly) to keep you up on what everyone will be talking about at work on Monday and "Agree to Diss; Agree?," where they decide whether or not to agree on whether they want to diss something (yes, it's that convoluted)---show Keith and Spenser at their creative best. Character "interviews" develop with the expert pace of a Wagner composition and crescendo with the force of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Although this show's format does not reinvent the wheel, it introduces novelty in all of the right places. Absent are cliches, cheap laughs, and lazy writing. Each new episode pops with brightness of a spring flower. Fans of Earwolf podcasts in particular will find much to love here; the rapport of Keith and Spenser is reminiscent of the best interplay of Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins in Comedy Bang Bang. Their cracking at each other's jokes and at keynotes of shared bits makes the high points land even higher. Do yourself a favor and listen to Debatably Funny so that you can finally ask for yourself, "Was that podcast funny?" Here's hoping for much more to come. -The Internet Podcast Critic
I find it hard to believe that Tony the Pizza Guy’s exposé in the park was just bad timing, but this podcast is still--at least debatably--funny. No seriously I just got in a debate with my friend about whether or not it was funny.