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This podcast is great!! I have been listening since Summer 2016, when I discovered the wide world of podcasts. I was looking for a Star Trek podcast and came across IJWTTAST. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this show is way better than anything those TrekFM losers could put together. Mike, The Doctor and all the rest put out a fun and funny podcast, speaking their minds and not afraid to upset the Trek Machine. Even when the podcast goes a little "off the rails", on an odd tangent, or with an unexpected cameo by a man-eating spider or puking cat, it is hilarious! Keep up the good work!
For anyone who remotely enjoys watching Star Trek, this is a must. I usually listen to the podcast as I commute and more times that I can remember Mike and the gang has made me laugh out aloud. I just wish I could rate this podcast 6 stars or said in proper terms: " I SEE 6 STARS" ... Jim
Just landed on this podcast recently. But it is absolutely amazing to the ones that care for star trek in all flavors. Thank you!! 🖖
This guys passion for Star Trek is intoxicating! If you love what the show is truly about, you'll dig this show. 👍🏼👍🏼
The production is awful. Impossible to listen to in a car due to wild fluctuations in volume. The host is ok, but the guests are generally can't form a sentence or a coherent thought. For a show that claims "I just want to rap about Star Trek" it's extremely tangential and unfocused. D-
Host Mike McCafferty just wants to talk about Star Trek. Mike is neither an ironic viewer nor an embarrassed fan; He sincerely explores his own fandom of this franchise. This is one of the few podcasts I have to listen to as soon as it drops a new episode. Keep up the glorious work, Mike!
I stumbled upon this podcast via the "yacht rock" episode just as I was in the middle of re-watching all the original series and now I'm hooked.
Wow what an excellent find! Sometimes one feels like Goldilocks when trying out new podcasts; it's hard to find ones where all the elements come together. After just hearing a few of IJWTTAST I can tell that this one has it. Mike (and assorted crew members) has a great delivery (no monotone, yay!) and knows his stuff. It's like being 11 and finding a new friend who loves the show the way some of us of, ahem, a certain age, do. Fantastic.
Mike McCafferty nails this podcast by promising exactly what he says...just talking about Star Trek. Whether it be through an inspired retelling of epic episodes, or a hate filled (yet jovial) retelling of the not so epic episodes, it is always entertaining. Throw in some awesome guest speakers and some occasional drunken friends, and you have got perfection that even a Borg could admire. As someone who is going through somewhat of a Star Trek renaissance, I would just like to say Thank You, and keep the insights coming. "Of my friend I can only say this...of all the podcasts I have encountered in my travels, his was the most.......human"
My name is Saarvuk. I am a Vulcan currently assigned to a space vessel now in orbit around Earth. Our mission is to covertly monitor the human race. We do such monitoring with all primitive species such as yours in order to evaluate if you have become evolved enough for us to make First Contact. And….well…suffice it to say: things do not look promising for you humans at the moment. But I digress. In order to pass the time up here, I have been listening to your podcast entitled “I Just Want To Talk About Star Trek”. As a middle-aged Vulcan myself (135 years of age), I suppose I can understand the notion of a Mid-Life Crisis. That said, there are many aspects of your podcast that offend me as a Vulcan. Mike McCafferty, on your podcast you are very funny, sometimes obsessive, sometimes angry, sometimes very loving and affectionate with your friends. And when you interview Star Trek celebrities you are gracious, engaging and respectful for no logical reason. In short, Mr. McCafferty, you are an emotional human who does not behave logically. As a Vulcan all these factors add up to a podcast that I cannot recommend. However, all that said, if I where human I would have to truthfully admit that this is a fantastic and hugely entertaining and fun podcast. Logic thereby dictates that I rate this podcast FIVE stars. And as Vulcan I do appreciate the infinite diversity and infinite combination of styles from episode to episode. Love Long and Prosper --- Saarvuk.
A buddy turned me on to this podcast just before Christmas, and I've spent the time since then catching up from the beginning. Mike McCafferty and his crew, especially frequent guests Kim "The Doctor" Miller and Matt "Stompie" Thompson, are passionate about all things Trek, and best of all, they know their stuff: one of my biggest pet peeves in a podcast related to a pop culture artifact I'm into is when I know more (generally useless) trivia than the people putting on the podcast. Happily, that doesn't happen here. This plus "Mission Log" are now my two Star Trek go-to podcasts, and given all the Star Trek pod content that is out there, that is high praise indeed.
I'm a long time Star Trek fan... but a casual one. This podcast is perfect for those that like their Star Trek examinations to be aware of themselves and contain a lot of humor. Mike Rules
Saw Mike hanging out in a bathrobe during the SDCC Feral Audio podcast panel. He was sitting behind the people asking questions. Had no idea he was part of Feral. Listened to to the show and became an instant fan. Funny, thoughtful and worth a listen no matter what your relationship to Star Trek is.
Can a middle-aged Star Trek fan's fannery remain relevant in an ever-changing Star Trek world? Mike McCafferty hopes so! To find out, he talks to Stonn, Sybok, Losira and more. He visits Vasquez Rocks and Riverside, Iowa. He introduces a Star Wars fan to TOS, from the Cage onward (no kid gloves here) and has hilarious episode reviews with friend, "The Doctor" Kim Miller (my favorites). This high-energy quest for golden age relevance is very entertaining!
Great podcast! Needs to be higher in the general list of Trek podcasts so more people can find out about it. Get those Trek FM scrubs outta here!!


Because sometimes we all just NEED to talk about Star Trek!
LOVE IT!!!! I've been listening to Trek podcasts for a few years. Discovered yours yesterday 100% Fresh. Keep it up.