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The Bob Culture Podcast is upbeat and refreshing to listen too. I've listened to both the wrestling related ones, and the ones related to tv shows and movies. I learn alot and it is nice to hear other people's input because you may learn things that you didn't know before. The cast is great and I am always left with a smile on my face after listening to this podcast. oh and VEXTION ROCKS!!! \m/
Bob has a terrific podcasting voice and he always covers rad subjects!
It’s clear from his enthusiasm with each episode that Bobman loves the subjects he talks about, whether he’s interviewing bands or talking snout movies are just nerd culture in general he has an enthusiasm that comes across to both the listeners and he brings it out in the guests. Well worth the time to listen.
Totally love the bob culture podcast. I really love hearing the WWE predictions before each major PPV. Keep up the great work!
What about Bob? I’ll tell you what about Bob. He puts together an amazing podcast covering a wide array of topics that you need to add to your rotation immediately!
This is a great, high-energy show that covers a VERY wide variety of topics, and each one is interesting! The host is really entertaining, and those that join him work very well within the show. Love it!
Somebody mentioned the audio quality and it didn’t bother me so much. We all have to start somewhere. Good show. Very entertaining.
The volumes were totally different in the two episodes I checked out. The second one was worse. Lots of “popping” on the mic along with bad mic discipline. As for show content, The Star Wars episode was way too long and seemed to just drone on. I listen to pods for entertainment and laughs. Just didn’t get it with this show.
This show is an excellent way to pass the time. Lots of fun! Keep up the good work.
Good topics and questions. Doesn't get boring
Bobman is the hero this city deserves! Myself and the band have done many interviews in our day, but the fact that Bobman had researched us to know things even we didn't made it all the more better. Awesome questioning as well as a fantastic personality really brings this show into the top tier. By far our favorite interview and podcast to date!
The Bob Culture podcast is informative, fun, and filled with good music. He always has interesting local bands on the show. It’s a great show to tune in to if you’d like to discover some new music. It’s nice to listen to a podcast that is genuine. He asks the questions that keep the audience interested. It’s not the same format over and over and over again. This is definitely an up and coming show. You should jump on board right now!
Excellent and entertaining. There is no topic that is off limits for this podcast; if it is a part of the popculture world it is on this podcast! Music, movies, sports, video games - the podcast has it all. Not to mention a lot of humor. Highly recomend this one!
Censorship does not exist when it comes to Bobman. He reports the truth and really let's his guest feel comfortable and puts their message out there. No opinion is too stupid or topic to dumb for this man. In short it's an amazing listen download it now.
It's nice to listen to a podcast by fans for fans. A lot of the podcasts out there are filled with recycled rhetoric that are as mind numbing and boring as listening to Tommy Wiseau talk about himself. But, Bob asks the type of questions that fans ask each other when they are excited about something. There's a sense of pure enjoyment from him and his guests which will keep me going back for more. I especially loved the "Rogue One" episode, it's hysterical!
The Bob Culture Podcast is an AWESOME listen. Rob "Bobman" Crowther puts on a very entertaining show. He discusses a variety of topics that include; music, sports, gaming, movies, television. You name it, Bobman is probably talking about it. Easily my favorite thing about the show is the annual themed shows. Bobman does a few wrestling shows a year to nightlight their main Pay Per Views. He does an annual fantasy football show that is great!