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Don"t let the bombastic opening fool you.Cam is a thoughful and literate host with a sincere love of the arts that is borderline contagious. Treat yourself to something better and give this podcast a listen.
Great, great listen. The time just flies by. Cam approaches each episode with an authentic quest to learn more about his guests while quietly sharing it all with his listeners. It's amazing how before you know it, you're many levels deep on a subject that you didn't expect. The conversations are so genuine and not the cookie cutter template that dominates our culture right now. Calling them interviews feels like a slight and certainly an inadequate description.
Cameron has a way of engaging his guests in conversations that go beyond what you would expect from a podcast. He has a such a natural way of asking questions, bringing up a topic, and letting his guests talk, all the while never losing the feeling that he is there connecting with them. In addition, these conversations go beyond what you might expect from simply seeing who the guest is. Jeff Dowd is a perfect example. There are of course mentions of "The Dude" but the way Cameron leads the interview and engages him, you get to know Mr. Dowd, and the same can be same for other guests, in a new way you didn't know, in a nutshell, you get to meet the human beings behind the names you already know. This is hands down the best podcast I have heard in years. All of this comes together with the knowledge and passion Cameron has of art, film, the world, and his guests.
This is the coolest guy out there right now! Love his voice and the guests and topics he picks. Can't wait for the next episode.
If you’ve ever found yourself in a bar listening to a deep conversation between two people you don’t know, then you know EXACTLY what Triumph & Disaster is like. A little raw and rough around the edges, to be sure, but that’s just part of what makes Cam McHarg’s podcast thought-provoking, compelling and entertaining. You may not know who he’s talking to, but you won’t forget the conversations.
Gotta say, listening to this interview with Cam and Tony Kaye was like eavesdropping on two old friends, just hangin' out on a Saturday night. A pure joy. They touched a number of bases from Tony's work as a director, musician and artist to Marlon Brando, with a little politics to boot. I loved the setting as well, the alley behind the Pig N Whistle in Hollywood, all those sounds in the night only added to the COOL vibe created by these two creative souls. Bravo!
Really digging the cool interviews and insights of the creative world.
I love the podcast!!... very insightful and inspiring topics from Cameron McHarg
If you consider yourself a blue collar creative like me, then you’ll love this podcast. Cameron’s got a unique point of view, honest and thoughtful. Good stuff
Great guests and atmosphere,chill podcast to listen to during whatever. Perfect for absorbing factoids,laughs and anecdotes from people I'm not cool enough to know in real life. Definitely worth your time,relax and listen to manly cool dudes talking about neat stuff .
I was captivated by Cameron's guest, Kevin Shulman, who was off the chain from beginning to end. I love to listen to young people in film and Cameron seems to be tapped into the Hollwood up and comers. I will look forward to future podcasts.
Lots of fun and learned something too!
interesting Podcast! Enjoyed listening to the storys told!
Digging this podcast by Cameron McHarg....He interesting and well spoken and the interview with Actor Bryan Larkin was funny and very cool....I now want to see the movie ....London Has Fallen...I recommend giving this guy a listen ...:)