Halley Vitality- Robert's Podcast

Reviews For Halley Vitality- Robert's Podcast

I absolutely LOVE this show. Robert takes you on an intriguing journey with conversations that resonate deeply with the truth of your heart. Thought provoking and deliberate. Authentic. No one is asking questions like these during an inteview! Love it!
A thoughtful exploration of health, art, life, philosophy, mindful living and the constant pursuit of knowledge, love, and greater understanding.
I enjoy listening to QuestHands because its a podcast that is geared toward learning about people through health. It gets to the 'bare bones' of living and the questions Robert asks causes me to reflect on my life. I find it refreshing that Robert actively chooses to interview people from all walks of life, regardless of their profession. I love that he interviews strangers! I am interested to hear about the lifestyle of these mindful individuals and how they use their hands, and feel as though I have a deeper understanding of them at the end of the episode. This is a wonderful podcast. Keep going Robert!!
Love the questhands podcasts. A unique blend of inspired conscious awareness, and fun playfulness, provides an immediate vibrational surge of momentum! Thanks Robert for all you do!