Reviews For Entrepreneur

David is an incredible host and the show is really well produced. I love the laid back coffee house style conversation and the diverse range of high quality guests! -Ian from The Fearless And Healthy Podcast
This is by far the best podcast I've ever listened to. Period. David Ralph has inspired me to pursue my dreams and make my dreams a reality with his whitt, humor, motivation, encouragement, and positive direction. He has some of the most thought provoking interviews that matter most to people like you and I that want to make something more of our life and he shows us with every episode how that dream is literally only inches away from our grasp at any given time. Thank you, David, for helping us to connect our dots.


By IHundt
This podcast is hilarious, fun, entertaining, but yet full of information to implement as entrepreneur, aha-moments and inspiration. One of my favorite podcasts so far.
What a great concept and guests. There is always something new I take- away from each episode.
Whoa! I am so in love with the enthusiasm, excitement for life, and insights that this podcast brings with its host and guests! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the energizing guest: Mark Lack share multiple golden nuggets such as: money is the bi-product to value creation, and how to serve fully is to be the best version of your self possible, the more you grow the more you contribute. Along with all his insights shared, what a unique and impressive bio he has! Excited for more. InterviewvaletCF
Archive 2 is a great way to quickly find some amazing episodes from the Join Up Dots podcast. Episodes 101-200 have so many great shows just pick one or start at 101 and listen to them all. Laughter, tears, lessons learned and plenty of ahas inside!