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Reviews For Ray's Occult Podcast | Ghostbusters

By rh323
For those wanting a postive take on all things Ghostbuster including the new movie, this show is for you. I grew up on Ghostbusters and was not turned off by the new movie and it is great that the hosts feel the same way.
Derek and Sheena are a part of my favorite podcast Round 3 and I was excited to hear that they were starting a Ghostbusters. Their first episode include Ernie Hudson! Thanks for another great podcast!
Derek and Sheena are two true Ghostbusters fans who have an undying passion and great chemistry as co-hosts of the best (and only) Ghostbusters podcast I listen to.
From the team that brought you Starkville's House of El, SkyNext, Blending In, Tangent, Round 3, Starkville Labs, and Cookin' with Sterek. Another hit podcast sweeping the nation.
These two are funny and have fun talking about a long-standing franchise and are excited about the new film coming out this summer, which is refreshing amidst all the hate surrounding it. Will listen often and immediately when new episodes are available.
This is the best Ghostbusters podcast I have ever heard. Highly recommend it to any Ghostbusters fans.
If you are a fan of Ghostbusters from your childhood whether it be the movies, the cartoon, or sipping on some Hi-C Ecto Cooler then this is the show for you. The hosts speak with such love of Ghostbusters that you can't help but feel transported back in time to when ghosts roamed the streets of New York. Tell your friends that this is the show to go to when you have to call The Ghostbusters.