Reviews For Mission & Values - A Backstage Capital Podcast

I love the cross-section of interviewees and the format. Studying mission & values is a fresh way to analyze companies and even think of ways to improve your own workplace. Plus the host is kind and great a guiding the interviews. Definitely one to subscribe to.
Each ep is an inspiring look into a different startup and what drives them. The focus on mission and values helps bring out what makes each company unique, and how much of that comes from the founders and their perspectives. Bryan is a great interviewer and always on his toes.
The episode with Brian Brackeen is AMAZING!!!!
I love the unique angle and focus of this podcast (that many other shows ignore or brush over). There's so much advice out there on the tactics and strategies that will change in a few weeks / months. I find it much more valuable and interesting learning how companies came up with their WHY, and how they are implementing that throughout the company.
Really well done podcast on an underanalysed aspect of running the business. Check it out!
Missions and values goes deep into the startup world. And you can learn about culture, community and how to level up to optimize your startup game ! Keep them coming.
Not only is Bryan a fantastic interviewer, but the people he brings on the show always offer some really interesting, unexpected insights into startup life and culture. Every episode is engaging—I always listen to them as soon as they're released.
It’s really fun to get a glimpse into some of these companies and what motivates the culture and the leadership! Bryan does a great job keeping pace with the guests and keeping things lively. I also appreciate the detailed show notes! Super helpful as guests are always mentioning books, applications, other companies, etc. It’s nice knowing that will be there for after the show. High quality all around. Looking forward more episodes and getting some insight into what is (and isn’t) working for these companies!
Bryan's interviews help codify values within organizations, and looks at inspirations, challenges, and results that come from building a sustainable framework within today's (and tomorrow's) top companies. Recommended!
Bryan is a great host! It is very enlightening to hear the stories about the culture of successful companies directly from the founders. Bryan obviously spends a lot of time making sure the show sounds great and you can hear the difference.
I like hearing about this topic from people who are high up in companies. I don't always agree with everything they say, but the interviews so far have been insightful and thought-provoking.
Well done. Am looking forward to more! Insightful and well-paced, great content.