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This podcast consists of three really kind and cool people who talk about a variety of anime topics. The fact that they converse with each other with ease makes it feel like I’m someone in the room listening to a couple of friends talk. They are very active on Twitter and discord and talk to fans like they are friends! They also have some people from the community come on the podcast occasionally and that’s pretty cool! Keep it up guys!
3 people: Carlos, Logan, and Jeff each have their draft picks over each current anime season to discuss and review over time. Some episodes also may come with a general topic which is both engaging and interesting over anime and/or video games. They all share an overall view over various anime without being a bunch of haters, which is refreshing for many. 5 stars well deserved for a bunch jokers hanging out talking about anime.
It is amazing to listen to a podcast that has the vibe of hanging out with friends. Honest opinions without bashing (such a huge plus!). The conversations and fun they have is so infectious that it makes me want to start a podcast with my friends........ Oh wait, what friends!? Keep up the great work guys!
This is the second anime podcast I've felt I could honestly give a five star review. All three of you do a great job talking about anime in an interesting and constructive way. I feel like a lot of podcasters tend to not respect that their listeners may not see eye to eye with them. I hate hearing shows get bashed regardless of whether I myself enjoyed the show or not. It's a breath of fresh air hearing people just talk honestly and passionately about anime. I've found every episode so far to be both fun and informative. Thanks for being awesome guys, I can't wait to hear more epic stuff in the future. ^^
Listening to these guys is like talking to some Old friends about your favorite Hobbies. There is nothing like listening to some people. even when they disagree. They best part is how easy it is to talk with them on things like twitter and on Forums. Its always nice to listen to people who enjoy Anime and Playing Games.