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Unfortunately this podcast has gone down in the beginning it was something I'd listen to religiously but after a while I couldn't anymore the topics they would talk about would not have all the facts or even the right ones for that matter Carolina's laugh also irritates the ear after a while if you listen to one episode the humor is bland & now that one of their partners are away they decided to do audio or video calls with Guebin & the quality is not good overall it's not how it used to be & I have to say it's sad but I stopped following this podcast for those reasons maybe they will improve but as of now it's not a podcast I'm excited to hear.
A show where they have a guy talking by phone!!! What is wrong with them!!! Got no idea of what professional radio is..
Entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. Thanks!
Love the podcast, been listening since day one...keep up the great show, you guys never dissapoint me 👍🏼👍🏼
A funny and informative show. Good chemistry between the 3 hosts.
The best people on the best podcast funny as hell... Keep up the good work guys