Red Letter Christians Podcast

Reviews For Red Letter Christians Podcast

I love the mix of youth and age. It is SO difficult to find messages that call into question the prevailing mind set of many of today’s evangelicals. I have been troubled with how cowardly the evangelical church has become when it comes to questions of gun control, climate change, and racism in this country. These men get it and preach it!!
Could definitely be more spiritual-development focused, because it’s mostly a show on what the two think. I understand Tony Campolo is famous, but he comes off as aggressive and geriatric.
Tony and Shaine are stunning in their beautiful simplicity of following Jesus with everything we have. If Jesus intrigues you or is at all important to you, please listen to this podcast!
Every person who calls themselves a Christian needs to check out this movement. This podcast accurately conveys the RLC message, but more importantly (and I'm sure the hosts would agree) the message of Christ which gives hope to the world. I never miss an episode. I learn something new and feel my faith strengthened every time I listen!