Reviews For Mohamed Ghilan

Dr Ghilan is one of the most articulate voices in the Muslim podcasting sphere today. He's able to break down complex issues that the average Muslim needs to be able to digest especially with all the rampant ideologies existing in the world today. He's also a personal inspiration in how much he's been able to accomplish in his young life.
No matter how long you have been a Muslim , listening to M. Ghilan would make you love Islam and love being a Muslim. His methods of delivery is simple,mind engaging,though deep in some cases,but you will experience a "renewal".
I first heard Dr. Ghilan speak at The Pearls of the Quran, and I was intrigued. This podcast is a beautiful mix of Quran, hadith, science, and critical thinking. I look foward to each podcast, as it challenges my world view. I cannot reccomend this enough.
Mohammed Ghilan is brutal. He destroyed my little Islamist/salafi/ikhwani ego and sandpapered my heart. He made me realise that there is more to Islam than just didactical proofs and following fiqh: there are elements of moving the soul, training the heart and reigniting your subconscious. The only complaint I would have about this podcast is that there is a lack of call to action however this might have been intentional because the goal of the podcast is to shape your worldview and change your heart, and it's done that! it's intellectually stimulating and difficult to listen in terms of your ego, but easy due to his loud clear articulate English. Mohammed growing up in my home, Riyadh, with Yemeni and Sudan Heritage, with his knowledge from neuroscience from Canada and his Islamic knowledge from Mauritania and his insightful Ghazalian-influenced perspectives is a blessing to the world. He is one of my role models and this podcast definitely deserves a larger audience!!!
I'm being immensely benefited from the wisdom of Mohamed Ghilan. Making me think about stuffs which I never did before.
Mashallah this is perhaps the smartest Islamic podcast channel I am aware of. Brother Ghilan is a great example of how a Muslim scholar should be in the modern age. Doubled winged, that is, one wing in traditional Islamic sciences and another wing in modern sciences. As a Phd student at a leading American university, I look to him as a great role model. His topics and discussions are well informed and seeks answers to questions perplexing Muslims living in modern times. Of course he cannot answer all of these questions -if he or somebody else could then things would have been much easier for the ummah and we could have overcome the crisis overcoming us- but asking the right questions and having intelligent debates about them is the first step towards finding answers in the long run, which will be done collectively rather than by a single scholar. I pray that he keeps up with the great work he has been doing. I have one humble request. I wish Dr Ghilan shares all his recorded talks such as the videos he has on YouTube or Al Andalus book club here. This would make it easier for us to follow all his work. I know that that Al Andalus is subscription based but for non-subscribers it would be good to have access to its content even if this comes with a time lag. Not all of us can commit to subscribe for the regular program now but we will be happy to be able to listen his book discussions when we find free time.
Asalam alaikum to you brother Ghilan and to all people who are listening or reading. This podcast and the general subject matter and philosophical underpinnings is somethign that should be widespread at this point in time. I was searching for a while with no luck for somethign that blended high level academia/intellectualism with the esoteric/spiritual side of Islam and somehow molded it together for the modern muslim and then found this. You are doing a great service to those muslims and seekers of truth and knowledge who feel that there isn't a great deal of information when it comes to connecting our practice of Islam with modern life and showing that they seamlessly entwine when approached from a genuine, pure angle. I thank you and pray Allah puts more barakah in this work so it can reach a greater audience.
I find this podcast as extremely comprehensive in the topics covered. I always come away with a greater understanding of the subject matter.
What a great podcast, finally a podcast that brings Islam and modernity into context.
Encourages guided self-seeking rather than explicit direction and narrow advice. Lives up to the tagline, Finding Divinity in Modernity.
As Salaamu Alaikum Mohamed! I am extremely glad that you are doing a podcast. Your knowledge is absolutely needed in podcast form so people who don't have the privledge of youtube/high speed internet can listen to what you have to say. Congrats brother and keep up the awesome work!. Salaam for now! Walid (Greed for Ilm)
Dr. Ghilan's insights are unique and truly needed in today's society. As an American medical student who also has background in traditional Islamic education, I can really relate to the way he thinks. I love the way he combines his scientific mind with his understanding of Islam. It's unique and we really need more of it. Hope he keeps churning out ideas and podcasts, the Muslim community needs it.
Mohamed Ghilan discusses topics that are relevant to Muslims today and ponders through subjects that I rarely hear discussed in the Muslim community. I appreciate his perspective.
As salaamu alaikum Br. Mohamed and fellow reviewers - Over the last few months, have admired Br Mohamed's words and knowledge through social media and now, to have the opportunity to hear his thoughts on various topics that concern not only Muslims but humanity, in today's troubled world, is a blessing ma'sha'allah. The first 6 episodes have been so informative and presented in such an elegant manner. Can't recommend this podcast more. Looking forward to what's next. - Anees