Reviews For impaired

Mike and the boys are a great listen with their down-to-earth, Everyman style. Proud to call myself one of the Degenerates
This guy is a straight shooter with national podcast potential. I always enjoy hearing his takes on current events, be it politics or sports. I give Impaired my full endorsement.
This podcast is different than normal podcasts talking about topics and going on rants that are enjoyable
One of the best podcasts - Blind Mike makes up for his poor sightedness with his brilliance in podcasting. Hilarious, witty, and relevant, Mike covers a variety of topics from celebrity twitter appologies to daily "Larry David" moments. Great conversations and production quality. Blind Mike is undoubtedly a genius
Makes the Howard Stern Show seem like a DIY video on how to burn toast compared with this work of art!
Good guy


By Mwolf_e
Blind Mike brings some good insight into Boston sports, especially when teamed up with Carrabis. Keep up the good work Mike.
Being blind isn't a talent, just nothing interesting about him. Follower not a leader. Plus doesn't know anything about sports just repeats what el pres says
El Pres would be a fool not bring Blind Mike to NYC!
Most realistic view for a Barstool reader you could get. Few production errors as expected for 1st episode. Should have Carrabis as own episode because show ran nearly 2 hours. Good Job Blind Mike (Geary)


Blind Mike is a Playground Legend.....Dave's huge brain might want to sign him to a long term deal