The Podcast of Color

Reviews For The Podcast of Color

Have yet to listen to a single word... but my support is here first.
Dear Celia and Toney, I know you're on hiatus, but I miss you and hope you return soon. Celia and Toney are committed to achieving equality. And until we've achieved equality, they will keep talking about social justice. Celia is a self-described queer woman of color. Toney is a self-described cis, black, man. Both have strong feelings and inciteful opinions based on experience ane education. They are interesting and funny and . . . I miss them. I hope they come back soon. Listen and, like I do, wish you were in the room talking race, gender, culture, and society with them.
Not only are the topics phenomenal but so are the hosts. Anything with this much laughter and joy around challenging topics has to be good. Thank you Toney and Celia for your amazing work!
Celia and Toney are absolutely fantastic, and I could listen to them all day. This podcast is informative, smart and heartfelt. Check it out immediately!