Reviews For The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

I adore Lauren and Michael! I honestly feel like we old friends. I've been a fan of Lauren's blog for a while and got into their podcast on a road trip to Charleston this past spring. My husband travels a lot for work so there are many nights it's just me and my goldendoodle hanging out. I love throwing on a podcast to listen to while I'm cleaning, doing laundry, walking my pup or driving home from school. I love how honest Lauren is about beauty and fitness/skinny tips. It's so refreshing to have someone giving you great, well researched information that she has personally tried herself. I love how honest Michael and Lauren are about their relationship because it makes me feel better about the silly arguments my husband and I occasionally have. I also love hearing Michael's perspective on the topics that they discuss on the podcast to help me get an idea of how my husband might also be thinking. I have been able to use Lauren's advice, suggestions and tips to better my life and my husband's life and I now feel more educated and better informed on a variety of health topics. Listening to this podcast is always a highlight of my week!
Lauryn and Michael create the perfect marriage of ideas: business, style, wellness all sprinkled with humor. It's pretty obvious that they care about their listeners, each other and their associates (even Taylor!). Their advice is amazing for all ages and walks of life. I look forward to listening and learning each week.
Heard them on adderall and compliments and have been a listener ever since! Lauryn and Michael are great and the podcasts are both informative and funny.
Im so obsessed with your podcast, i listen daily. I’m so happy i found it, i came across it on style your mind podcast. I love all your advice and tips and how you keep it fun but yet authentic. I want more info on blogdoo, i seen the site was down, i really want to start a blog! xx-bree
TSC podcast is my getaway. I love to listen to you guys on my commute to and from work. I was just married in June, and I love to hear about your newlywed adventures! You provide such interesting content with guest, health, and wellness!
I found this podcast just a few weeks ago and am getting caught up!! I'm a recipe curator and food photographer and recently started a blog to document my work! So inspiring and so funny! Love it! I also shamelessly plug my Instagram handle all the time too! @front__paige 😜
This is such a great podcast, as a successful woman I learn so many new things every time I listen! Lauryn even inspired me to make a blog on all my healthy recipes to share- although this isn't a source of income I'm putting quality information out there and people love it! Thank you both 😘
love all the tips you guys give! i feel like i am constantly taking notes on my phone when i'm listening to you guys and i learn something i can apply to my life each podcast. you also consistently have great guests - the fat jew was HILAR. maybe i didn't learn something that podcast but i laughed a lot. and that counts for something! thanks guys!!!!!!
This duo is perfect for anyone in business, wants to look and feel great, and has a significant other :)
I have this deep desire to be more "together" and "girly" - I think if I listen to Lauryn and Michael I might have a chance. Thank you for your "realness!"
I think the content is real and raw, I love my life with my boyfriend and you two take work and relationships to another level. I love the real life real time stories too and working for what you want without being given everything. I also appreciate the travel tips!
The chemistry between these two is very endearing and entertaining. Love the episodes involving health/fitness, travel, and skincare, and Lauryn always asks the experts the questions I want to know!
After listening to the whole podcast show, I was inspired to become an "influencer." I've always wanted to have my How-To videos on YouTube but I didn't know how to even begin. It's good to know that everyone had to start somewhere, so might as well start now. I learned that even if your videos go viral, if you're not good, it won't last. Like Gary says, "if you don't have the chops, you're dead." This totally applies to everything in life!! Thanks for your advice to "keep at it 7 days a week," Lauryn. I know you post Snaps every day but you don't make it seem like you're working. You're just having fun and influencing! :)
Easy listening while motivating you and making you laugh! The perfect combo. Informative. Relatable. Love to listen while I'm making dinner or working out. Always a good time!!
Holy buckets love this podcast! Their advice is so real and important but it's also funny and keeps you engaged the entire show!
Seriously love them, love the energy between them and the content is incredible! Totally recommend it :)
I've been listening for over a year and realized I never wrote a review!!! They deserve 5 stars - valuable, entertaining, educational, insightful, and always changing it up! I'm never bored and look forward to the new episodes every week!
What I love about TSC is how motivating it is! I love how this podcast really goes over just about every topic. The tips are extremely helpful that Michael and Lauryn give. I learn something from every podcast and I absolutely love it!


I am a huge fan of the podcast. I look forward to Tuesday mornings when I listen to the latest episode during my commute. Sean Cannell and Kelly LeVeque are by far my favorite episodes. Keep up the good work.
I am obsessed with Lauryn and Michael! Every podcast is better and better and I learn something new every time. I look forward to Tuesday's just to hear their witty/wise advice.
I started listening to this podcast in March 2017 and have been hooked ever since! Not to mention I would listen while I was miserable at my last job, and upon getting let go the same month I started listening was no coincidence. I binged and got caught up in about 3 weeks tops, and try not to listen right away even now so the wait between the following Tuesday is shorter :) But why do I love this podcast so much? Because Michael and Lauryn have a wealth of knowledge as young entrepreneurs. Each week, they bring us something different, but most of all, I feel the goal is about bringing something to the table for the listeners to take in order to help us all grow and evolve as people in every facet of life from business to health to fitness etc. Michael and Lauryn continue to inspire me to pursue my dream, and I definitely look up to them!
Loving this podcast! So fun, such an awesome range of topics. Keep it up! I've listened to every episode from the beginning.
This podcast has turned me into podcasting in general and I'm obsessed. I'm trying to get all my friends and family on the podcasting train now. This Summer I listen to the him and her podcast so much that I don't listen to music in the car anymore, I listen to Lauryn and Michael. I love you guys! I feel like I'm laughing and learning along with you and I've been gaining so much value from all your tips and tricks. Thank you for putting in so much effort on this project each week! It benefits so many people.
A friend recommended TSC blog to me a few months back. Then I was drawn to the Podcast. Having never listened to a podcast (because I'm more of a reader) I was a little skeptical. BUT, I literally can't get enough. Michael and Lauryn are spicy and tart! The provide SO much great content, if you're a go-getter. Don't listen if you're lazy and content. Great guest speakers. Quality content. Always full of info.
You guys, this podcast has changed my life. I am a small business owner and I have gained so many tips and tricks from these QUEENS (Lauryn, Mimi, and last but not least....SUSAN!). They help me get through my days, their blog is captivating, and their humor is endless. I email back and forth with these three and their snapchat game is stong. If you need motivation in any part of your life, take a listen! xxx
Loved TSC for years now! And even more so with this incredible, fun, informative podcast! I'm amazed at what these two are creating on this podcast. I've been blogging for 6ish years and the advice, tips, and experts they've had on the show is overwhelming. Just finished the latest ep--Ep. 71--with Sean C, Youtube Content Creator & Expert, and I've got pages of notes from this one episode! It's insane. I'm addicted to this podcast, with L & M, and all they do. They've inspired me--a leukemia survivor (who was 29 wks preggers when I found out)--to continue taking care of myself through her wellness tips, their stories and advice on business, and as I continue to consume more and more content from them, I'm inspired to keep pushing myself and my blog to where I want it to be. I've thought about giving up so many times--they've even inspired me to launch my own podcast--and even through disappointing times I turn to TSC or the HIm & Her podcast and I'm my refresh button is reset and I'm ready to tackle life again--as a leukemia survivor, someone who is still struggling medically post-cancer, a mom, a blogger and a wife. Thanks for all you do guys! Keep on going.
Funny people and great life hacks
Hi!! I love how you have both sides of the the story the with him and hers! I am super into health and wellness as well as business so I LOVE your tips of the week! As a bachelorette fan, I loved your real questions!
Love, love, love.
Best beauty tips
Of all the podcasts of this "genre" Lauryn and Michael have the best guests.
I have read TSC blog for years, but only recently started listening to Lauryn and Michael's podcast. I kept telling myself that "I was not a podcast person". NEWSFLASH: The Him & Her Podcast will MAKE you a podcast person. I have listened to every episdoe and have replayed episodes and they are all to die for. Every single podcast gives me some sort of advice. Whether it's business, health, wellness, skincare- Lauryn and Michael have it all!
Absolutely love The Skinny Confidential's podcast, blog and Snapchat. I learn so much from Lauryn and Michael about health, time management, what to read, and branding. I'm currently grinding away at a 8-5+ job and am well-established in my career and overextended with work and family commitments but I am interested in developing a second stream of income where I can be my own boss and have a backup plan in this volatile economy. I love their inspirational entrepreneurial spirit, "no excuses" attitude and that they engage with their audience. They always reply on Snapchat and seem so accessible which is so refreshing! They are always funny and fun too on social media - totally my favorite Snapchat after Spencer Pratt's!
Lauryn and Michael are literally the only reason I listen to podcast! The interviews the tips she provides totally transformed the way I think about my self and my health. And the BeWellByKelly episode is a god send! I've been drinking that smoothie everyday since I've listened to it!
Love this podcast! I don't even know how I found it, but thankful I did! I prefer listening to podcasts over music when I run and this is the perfect one to keep me motivated. Keep it up! :)
Look forward to this podcast every week !
I love this podcast and could not recommend it more. Not only does it have super helpful information on diet, skincare, and wellness, but it also talks about business tips and tricks. Lots of great info in here!
I have learned more about my business, my marriage, my self, health! You name it! From the skinny confidential platform and having just one more place to listen and learn from them makes me so happy!!
LOVE the podcast!
Hands down, my favorite podcast to listen to every week! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Lauryn and Michael have an amazing dynamic in general so when they take their banter to this podcast it makes for a juicy listen! Their content continues to be valuable, interesting and entertaining! PLUS they have fabulous guests that provide excellent value as well. Definitely worth a listen and trust me you will be hooked and anxiously awaiting the next podcast release on Tuesdays! Thank you Lauryn and Michael and keep up the great work <3
I love the diverse content that TSC podcast produces. I learn something new every time I listen. It is refreshing to hear someone sharing their tips for success within the social media marketing world. It has been extremely insightful me as a new entrepreneur! Keep up the amazing content!
Amazing podcast! Just started listening and found myself 5 episodes deep in no time. Really loved the Be Well By Kelly episode. So great, will definitely continue to listen.
Lauryn and Michael are amazing! They balance each other so well giving opinions into an array of subjects! Love love love!!!!
The BE WELL BY KELLY was so informative and eye opening that I am saving it to replay it! So many nuggets!
This podcast has been my favorite since it started! Lauryn and Michael jam pack every episode with great content and information. Even if the titles seems like something I wouldn't be interest in, I always listen to it because I ALWAYS get something out of it. I love you guys!
You guys are an amazing couple!! I love the relevant topics, candid honesty, and truly dynamic chemistry that is so apparent! My boyfriend and I enjoy listening to this podcast together! πŸ‘« thank you both!! ☺️😘
Lauryn and Michael are super relatable. I have learned so much from listening to their podcast. Each episode has taught me something I wouldn't have researched on my own. So grateful to have found them. Fun and informative!!
I've been listening to this podcast since you started & have loved & laughed in each & every episode. It's even inspired me to start the build of my brand-Plant Awareness. Sending you both my gratitude!