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I always look forward to a new episode every week! Lauryn and Michael are such a dynamic duo and incredibly entertaining! I love how engaged Lauryn always is with her listeners/readers/followers. That is very rare these days! Especially with how busy she is. Lauryn and Michael are very knowledgeable and always bring on guests that are passionate and knowledgeable about their field of work. I especially loved the episodes with Dr. Mona Vand and Melissa Wood-Tepperberg and have listened to those specific episodes more than once. I have been running a custom dessert business in San Diego for about 7 years now and have gained a lot of solid advice from listening to their podcast. Side note: absolutely love Lauryn’s skin care tips and have slowly become skin obsessed myself! And her TSC pancakes are one of my favs! Thanks guys for always entertaining your listeners and providing such valuable content!


I can’t believe I’m just discovering this podcast now. Lauren and Michael have great chemistry and they’re hilarious. So much great information about living a better life. I’ve only been listening for a few weeks and have already adapted so many of their tips into my life. The guests are great as well.
Lauryn & Michael have created one of the most amazing podcasts I've ever heard. I listened to all 90 something episodes in less than 3 weeks...I swear I have a life. However, listening becomes addictive, because every episode has new topics/tips/influences that are presented in such a fun way & will benefit every person. Even if you aren't a blogger or entrepreneur you will enjoy their content. Heck, I work in the veterinary medicine world in Minnesota & this podcast is still my favorite by far.
I’ve been listening to the Skinny Confidential for about 6 months or so now and I LOVE it! Lauryn and Michael are great co hosts and the episodes provide real value. I’ve learned so much about health, nutrition and fitness since I started listening. In particular, I loved the episode with Tanya from the F Factor! Listen to this podcast if you want to improve your life.
The dynamic between Michael and Lauryn is so entertaining, but not only that, they provide so much value in business, beauty, health, life, etc. I implement so many of their tips and tricks into my life and I seriously cannot describe how much it has changed my life. Being in college health and wellness often fall to the wayside but listening to them has inspired me to be a better person. I found the podcast a year ago from the LadyGang, and I couldn’t imagine a life without them now! I love both of them and I will continue to listen every Tuesday!!!
I have been listening for a few months now but am finally getting around to writing a review on some of my favorite podcasts, and you are for sure one of them! I learn something new everyday. Thank you for showing us bloggers that we can truly make it if we focus and find what our real spark is!
Love Jillian! Hands down your funniest and best yet! She is so real.
Also does Heather honestly still call a treadmill a “tread meal”??
Amazing content and guests!
The Him and Her show is seriously the most inspiring podcast. Everything they say/do is so real and they have the best personality. They dissect trends and then give the deets of what works and what doesn’t!! Totally recommend
I’ve listened from day 1! It gets better and better and they are my favorite couple! I listen every week because I learn so much and love hearing what is going on in their world! It’s the best and I recommend it to everyone!
This podcast makes my commute such a breeze! I love the tips and advice and recommendations. Need to keep a pen on my steering wheel! Thank you guys so much!
Im so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. What a motivational couple. I love the raw truth and personal experiences they both share. I Enjoy all the different topics and speakers. Keep em coming. Thank you!
Laughed the whole time while listening to this. I've been following this cute couple for years and I'm happy to get to feel a little closer to these two.
It’s just great podcast with many tips on life, beauty, fitness, health and so much more! Ugh I already have the acupuncture mat, ice roller and time cube because of lauryn !!! So hooked and love the different perspectives and the relationship between Michael and lauryn hahaha bring back the ladygang please :)
Great great podcast—learning so much and as a result taking better care of myself!!
I love Lauryn and Michael’s energy. Their relationship is perfect for this podcast. They have so many awesome tips and such a diverse group of guests. I love when they talk about health and fitness! So happy I discovered this podcast!
I’m not sure how I found Lauryn, but my goodness she’s changed the way I treat my business and my body. The interviews and tips are informative and fun. It’s information you can apply quickly to your own life. Totally worth a listen and subscribe. :)
I listened to this podcast a while ago, but I guess I started with an episode I didn’t love and put it away. I came back to it last week and am so glad I did. I listen to about 20 different podcasts, and this is the only one I’ve ever just binged to try and catch up. The questions are great, your vibe is so positive in a real way and I ALWAYS learn something. Michael, you may not have as many fans reaching out to you but you ask awesome questions! Love you both as a team.
Great advice and very motivating!
The Skinny Confidential is the perfect escapist podcast. If you listen to a lot of news podcasts, this one is great to add because it lets you think about improving your life in simple ways, so you can better handle whatever comes your way. I love the wellness, exercise and travel tips, as well as the interviews from cool changemakers who I wouldn’t otherwise know about!
I love this podcast because it combines my obsession with TSC and great information on marketing and starting your own business. I’m a new blogger, Lauryn & Michaels tips are unique because you get the influencer side and the more “typical” business side of things. Plus their dynamic is just fun!
I’ve been a listener to this podcast for a couple of months now and I can say the information they give has been so valuable towards building my own business! Lauren is very direct which is something that is beneficial for me in regards to the way that I present my content to my viewers and team members. Every podcast has been resourceful and I like having the guy/girl perspective. Thank y’all for this content, keep it coming!!
I absolutely love this podcast! The guests are so diverse and I have learned a lot about health and wellness. And, it’s a very motivating listen. If you’re looking for a podcast to get your momentum in life, this is it. Keep up the great work. Love you both!
I started following The Skinny Confidential podcast this July and I can say I was obsessed immediately. Now you can find me popping in my headphones every Tuesday morning to listen to the newest episode. Lauryn and Michael are so down to Earth and honest! I literally laugh out loud every week.
I have been blogging for almost 8 years and the space has changed dramatically. I was searching for inspirational podcasts to help focus on my niche and authenticity and stumbled upon The Influencer Podcast. I was at the right place and when Julie Solomon had Lauryn Evarts on her podcast everything made sense. Thanks for the guidance and real suggestions on making the most out of blogging!


By tcullo
I could listen to this podcast alllll day.... only wish I found it SOONER!! I am currently a senior in college majoring in Public Relations and listening to you guys makes me motivated, inspired, excited and everything in between!!! Love you guys!!
I follow because I love when I get a glimpse into lauryns life. I wish they did more "life" topics and dived deeper into what makes them, them. I can only listen to a podcast so many times about branding. I think a nice mix up would be more personal podcasts. I love that side. Bc some of us are fans of lauryn, not just her "business & branding" thing!
I love you guys. I seriously am trying to manifest a couple like you guys into my life, so that my fiancé and I have someone to double date with. 💕
The Skinny Confidential offers a variety of beauty and lifestyle content as well as advice on marketing and social media. As a digital marketer for a large restaurant brand as well as an online entrepreneur, this podcast provides inspiration both personally and professionally. I highly recommend.
I am in love with this podcast. I literally sit with the notepad and pen when I listen to this podcast because they’re so much that I want to remember afterwards. ❤️ Lauren makes me laugh out loud. Definitely give it a listen.
I love Lauryn and Michael! Besides having funny banter, these two consistently serve up fabulous guests with inspiring stories of success, health, wellness and more.
I love listening to this podcast because I always learn something new!
Obsessed! I’ve finally realized that my entire relationship is not crazy and I am not crazy thanks to Michael and Lauren. I love what you guys are doing. Amazing, so real, so light hearted. Thank you ❤️
I love this podcast so much. I'm a fairly new listener and I cannot get enough. Lauryn and Michael are hilarious and so inspirational and always have the most interesting guests in a so many different fields of expertise, holy run on sentence. She's created such a positive community for women and I can't recommend this podcast enough!
Lauryn & Michael are hilarious, relatable, authentic and honest. I feel like they genuinely invest their lives into finding the best beauty, wellness, business, relationship and all around life advice for their listeners & blog readers. Definitely worth the subscription.
Listen to this podcast if you want to hear Lauryn talk about providing value while providing absolutely none. To mask her limited vocabulary and lack of intelligence, she picks fights with her poor husband (who maturely deflects the attempts) and demeans their employee Taylor. Michael tries to save the podcast by speaking with actual substance, but Lauryn gets annoyed when he speaks and seems to prefer to take over the show. Don't waste your time with this one. Instead check out That's So Retrograde, where the hosts are fun, intelligent and actually provide tons of value in the most fun, positive and clever way.
I absolutely love The Skinny Confidential podcast. My friend Sabina shared the episode she was in and I’ve been hooked ever since. Informative, funny, and entertaining content. Thank you!
Lauren and Michael are so fun to listen to and there's so much value in each episode.
Lately Lauryn and Michael have been having the best guests on their podcast. This is one of my faves and I trust Lauryn's advice on practically everything.
I adore Lauren and Michael! I honestly feel like we old friends. I've been a fan of Lauren's blog for a while and got into their podcast on a road trip to Charleston this past spring. My husband travels a lot for work so there are many nights it's just me and my goldendoodle hanging out. I love throwing on a podcast to listen to while I'm cleaning, doing laundry, walking my pup or driving home from school. I love how honest Lauren is about beauty and fitness/skinny tips. It's so refreshing to have someone giving you great, well researched information that she has personally tried herself. I love how honest Michael and Lauren are about their relationship because it makes me feel better about the silly arguments my husband and I occasionally have. I also love hearing Michael's perspective on the topics that they discuss on the podcast to help me get an idea of how my husband might also be thinking. I have been able to use Lauren's advice, suggestions and tips to better my life and my husband's life and I now feel more educated and better informed on a variety of health topics. Listening to this podcast is always a highlight of my week!
Lauryn and Michael create the perfect marriage of ideas: business, style, wellness all sprinkled with humor. It's pretty obvious that they care about their listeners, each other and their associates (even Taylor!). Their advice is amazing for all ages and walks of life. I look forward to listening and learning each week.
Heard them on adderall and compliments and have been a listener ever since! Lauryn and Michael are great and the podcasts are both informative and funny.
TSC podcast is my getaway. I love to listen to you guys on my commute to and from work. I was just married in June, and I love to hear about your newlywed adventures! You provide such interesting content with guest, health, and wellness!
I found this podcast just a few weeks ago and am getting caught up!! I'm a recipe curator and food photographer and recently started a blog to document my work! So inspiring and so funny! Love it! I also shamelessly plug my Instagram handle all the time too! @front__paige 😜
This is such a great podcast, as a successful woman I learn so many new things every time I listen! Lauryn even inspired me to make a blog on all my healthy recipes to share- although this isn't a source of income I'm putting quality information out there and people love it! Thank you both 😘
love all the tips you guys give! i feel like i am constantly taking notes on my phone when i'm listening to you guys and i learn something i can apply to my life each podcast. you also consistently have great guests - the fat jew was HILAR. maybe i didn't learn something that podcast but i laughed a lot. and that counts for something! thanks guys!!!!!!