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Reviews For The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

The content of this podcast is really good once you get past the ads. The first 10 minutes of the show is all ads in addition to the advertisements sprinkled throughout show. Other than that, I really like this podcast!
I love listening to Lauren (and Michael’s) voice in the morning: talking about all the things I love! From beauty products to open and authentic sharing it’s like having a friend in the room as I do my oil pulling, dry brushing, and full AM routine. Thanks for all you do TSC! @michalgilahealth
I appreciate how Lauryn and Michael are SUPER real and SUPER smart. They know what they are talking about, they bring on amazing guests who are so intelligent and real, and they definitely prep and do their research for each episode. Nothing worse than listening to a Podcast that sounds overly scripted or as if no prep went into it - these two know what they are doing! Thanks for bringing us some real content on amazing topics!!
I love love love this podcast! They have amazing guests that are so informative. I have learned so much about my health & wellness from listening during my 45 min. Commute to/from work. I’ve gained so much valuable information and have made so many positive changes to my lifestyle already (Dr. Cabral Detox, Pvolve, FFactor, coconut milk in my coffee, etc.). I always get super excited when a new podcast is available!!
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and I am sad to say I am going to stop listening. I think the guests are always fantastic and add so much value... but I have heard a lot of troubling things said in this podcast by Lauryn and Michael. Specifically in the last episode Melissa was talking very frankly about being a recovered hitter and Lauryn chimed in and said that if she’s being honest she’s thrown a remote at Michael before, then Michael goes on to say he thinks all guys get beat up a little in relationships. These comments were made in what I saw as an attempt to be humorous but in my opinion they majorly detracted from the moment in which Melissa was sharing something delicate from her past in a safe space. I find it troubling that this podcast features so many “little” comments normalizing unhealthy relationship behaviors like throwing objects at a SO during a fight. This past episode is not the first time such comments have been made by the hosts. I have stopped consuming the content of men who have perpetuated similar messages of violence and it would be hypocritical of me to make an exception because these comments were made by/about a woman.
My favorite podcast, love the content!
I love this podcast I’ve been listening to it everyday! It’s so informative and helps you get ahead of the curve on the newest things, not even all skincare just life tips!!
Love the podcasts. This is my new favorite channel!!
Honestly, listening to this podcast has become part of my Wednesday morning ritual! Each episode bringing new concepts and inspiration. Now they are adding more episodes a month.. I could not ask for more! Thank you Lauryn and Michael for being AMAZING humans and providing the world with your podcast! @breannatill
literally went on a long road trip, FL to TX... ok like 18 hours... and let me tell you I’ve listened to the start of the podcast all the way through! @michaelbosstick/ suz & my fav Lauryn kept me laughing and learning the whole drive! I continue to tell every single one of my friends about the podcast and always share the “meh” attitude when talking to boys hehe! I’m only 19 And the influence this podcast has had on me is tremendous! I literally love listening to each episode and can’t wait for More and more😍😍 #Neverstop!!! @theactivatedblonde on IG
Listening to Lauryn and Michael on The Skinny Confidential podcast is like listening to your best friends catch up, gossip and give ah-mazing tips to living a better life. You guys make my commute a breeze! 💕 IG: @devonunwin
I think i have binged all of the episodes! I love that they take people’s feedback and adjust to make this one of the best podcasts out there! Michael has become so funny on recent episodes. I’ve literally laughed out loud doing cardio and people probably thought i was crazy! Whether I’m looking for business/blogging advice, beauty tips, fitness tricks, or everyday life hacks, they’ve got it all!!! Literally a one-stop shop!!! Love it so much and would recommend to anyone! Hopefully can make it to their live event because it would be life-changing to meet them in person! Insta: rachel__ellen (2 underscores)
Love this podcast and listen to it every Tuesday. I look forward to my Tuesday mornings knowing a new episode is coming. Can’t wait for more mini /single episodes @neeloofathi
If you’re a woman paving your own path and in need of all of the advice, BINGE THIS PODCAST. It is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I’ve applied almost every piece of advice they’ve given - it’s been life changing! IG : @theogsmoothiequeen
I love Lauryn and Michael’s dynamic together! They bring some major realness :) and provide insightful content that I can use in my everyday life! @juliazuppan
The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her podcast is the highlight of my week. I felons value in every single episode — whether is how to take care of my body and skin or business tips and advice. Lauren and Michael always have the best conversations amongst themselves and with their wide array of guests. Some guest interviews I’ve played 2-3 times because there is so much value in them. This podcast is a must listen. @kelleyafournier
The podcast that started my love for podcasts! I live for these every week! I just started my job in the skin care industry because of this girl and now live to lead with my skin!! So much passion and hard work comes from these two and it’s very easy to see! IG: mdgagnon
I have read TSC blog for years, but only recently started listening to Lauryn and Michael's podcast. I kept telling myself that "I was not a podcast person". NEWSFLASH: The Him & Her Podcast will MAKE you a podcast person. I have listened to every episdoe and have replayed episodes and they are all to die for. Every single podcast provides SO much value! Whether it's business, health, wellness, skincare- Lauryn and Michael have it all! Instagram handle: @macy.sarbacker
They choose theeeeeee best topics and they keep it 100. What more can you ask for? @keepingupcoffman
I truly enjoy this podcast I look forward to it every week. Lauren and Michael make the show very entertaining and I learn more about health and well was products and self growth. The topics on the show is extremely diverse and almost everything they recommend I try. I tell all my friends and family about this podcast. I was looking for a podcast that helps me develop mentally and health-wise and this podcast is perfect . Thank you Michael and Lauren for all of your hard work. You can tell they are passionate about their work. I’ve never met them before but you feel like you have two good friends that you have known for years .
Just started this podcast three weeks ago and I LOVE it. Not only has Lauryn and Michael really helped me through so much and allowed me to laugh while doing it. Xoxo, Carolinecorleess (instafeed)
These two always keep it raw and real! Love them!! Instagram: @sydneycrews
I love Lauryn and Michael! They can talk about anything and everything, and it’s all interesting and beneficial. They’re funny, serious, informative, and just all around great. I highly recommend giving this one a try! Instagram name @kristysherrod
Yes please! These two are so funny and real. The topics they discuss and their guests are always so interesting and they have such a variety! Listen to them NOW. Love it. @kateskrossing
I wanted to listen to this. I tried over and over. I can not get over how the girl smacks her lips when she talks. Sounds like she is dehydrated. Gross
This podcast is seriously amazing. Each episode I learn something new whether it be about having better skin, using mushrooms to benefit your health, or just having a better morning routine. I look forward to listening to it each week because it’s informative and entertaining. My insta handle is @christytaylor24.
I LOVE THIS PODCAST. and yes LOVE. I enjoy the fact that it has tips not only on self care and beauty but about building yourself, growing both personal and career driven! I love that it’s not just females on the podcast and it’s nice to have a mans point of view! I love the motto of “you do you” The clarity of this podcast is excellent as well, I’ll say that if any podcast audio sound is horrible I turn it off. LOVE YOU GUYS! TSC
I absolutely love The Skinny Confidential podcast. My friend Sabina shared the episode she was in and I’ve been hooked ever since. Informative, funny, and entertaining content. Thank you! Funtime7777
Love this podcast! I just started listening this week and have a laundry list of new wellness tips and gadgets to try out. I’m also enjoying the morning routine inspo, his and her POVs and the awesome guests! New fave for sure!!
LOVE this podcast! so well rounded and authentic! there are serious topics, skin care topics, light-hearted conversations, deep/thought provoking conversations, the best guests, and more! I cannot get enough of their podcast/brand! @lex_luu
Always look forward to a new episode every week. Not only extend my entertaining, but I always learn something new and relatable. Such a power couple. @katy_atkinson_ ❤️
This is the only podcast that I wait for every week! I love Lauryn and Michael, their chemistry is so spot on and I love that they have a wide range of guests and topics so I’m never bored. There is so much amazing information, tips, tricks and funny moments while also getting into the deep nitty gritty stuff as well. It’s the complete package. @kristinamajor
I absolutely love love love The Skinny Confidential. I’ve learned so many tips and tricks around health and beauty that have changed my life for the better. Highly recommended! @debdemontreux
This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to in the morning. Best way to start the day! @s___pea
Ok LOVE this pod!! They bring on the best people to interview - some I know and some I don’t - regardless it’s always interesting. Lauryn and Michael really bring out the humor in each other and they are not afraid to talk about the imperfect aspects of life that we all encounter. When they don’t have a guest on they continue to bring value to their fans from information they store that is really helpful for people interested in beauty, wellness, business, blogging, social media, and podcasting. Xoxox thankful for LEB & MB! -@halleberrybeeler
This is my favorite podcast because they talk about everything! They are also so motivating and talk so much about the importance of health! Love them! My instagram is @somethinchicclt
So been going through so sheeeet lately and this podcast I think may have given me my sanity back! I’m an avid fitness guru and trainer and preach to my clients all the time about how working out is self care and releases endorphins and blah blah we all n is the shpeal. Any-who although I have plenty of fitness self care, I was not truly showing my MIND self care. One early morning while in the treadmill doing my fasted cardio, I was scrolling through podcasts trying to find something stimulating, and open up my mind when I came across this podcast! The episode I happened to listen to was Lauryn flying solo talking about self care and her perfect day. It was EXACTLY what I needed to listen to and I realized, “wow, I’m really not doing enough for me”. See how much I got from that one podcast, I scrolled through TSC past podcasts and my eye caught mental health, something I’m very passionate about. 2 podcast later, I’m hooked and a profound follower at this point. Currently have been a happy listener for the past 3 weeks and couldn’t be more happy with the content, tips, tricks, guest speakers and overall genuine real conversation the podcast brings to listeners. The verbal banter between Lauryn and Michael is spot on with any typical relationship (I should know, engaged 💍). Love love LOVE this podcast and have recommended it to basically everyone I know. Lauryn and Michael Thank you for being real and sharing your knowledge with your listeners! - Dani CALIfornia @bootybycali
I found their podcast about a year and a half ago and I have listened to every episode they have released. I love the broad range of topics they cover whether it’s spiritual, business related or really girly beauty episodes. It really works for me because I love learning about everything! Their relationship is hilarious and I feel like I know them on a personal level because they are so real on their podcast. I look forward to listening to their episodes while I workout, clean or drive! I even make my boyfriend listen lol. Overall, 10/10 frickin love it!
I started listening to podcasts last year and felt like I could never find an “all in one” podcast. It was either about fitness tips, business or beauty. Never all in one. Finally, I found TSC, which hits all the above and more. Every episode headline is not only extremely relevant to me but I always find myself with actionable takeaways following the show that positively impact my goals. Lauryn and Michael completely feed off each others energy and their dynamic adds to an amazing, conversational interview with whoever is on their show. Highly recommend to anyone trying to do it all and more!
My absolute GO TO podcast for everything realted to business, life, skin, relationships and just crushing it in general. I listen while I do my makeup, take a walk, clean, cook, or anytime I can make the most efficient use of my time. I love how real and transparant they both are and the kinds of stuff I take out of each episode. Being an entrepreneur can be super daunting at times, but I always find some community with TSC! Insta- @kashlee_k
I’m fairly new to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, but I’ve embraced it from the day I’ve listened. I have learned so much about health, beauty, self-care - you name it, these guys cover it. I also love how encouraging and inspiring Lauryn and Michael are to follow your dreams. They have helped me come leaps and bounds with my own blog. All of their helpful tips are wrapped in a pretty bow of an entertaining podcast. They have a fan in me for life! @whatacatchdiana
Obsessed with Lauryn and Michael. I’ve always wanted to love and listen to podcasts but hadn’t ever found one that I actually loved until I discovered the skinny confidential. Forever listener for sure❤️ @sophielizabeths_
good content, but I can't stand all of the foul language. I like to listen to podcasts in the car, but can't with their bad mouths. SO NOT NECESSARY.


I am a long-time listener and absolutely love this podcast! I look forward to it every Tuesday, and find it to be so unique and informative (health and wellness), as well as being relevant and trendy to the things that are generation love and enjoy (a good ig flow)!
Seriously my favorite podcast ever! Not only did they get me on the podcast hype, but every single one of their episodes is packed full of knowledge and humor. They really take time to know their guests on the show and dive deep into their lives. Lauryn and Michael are quite the dynamic duo (both total bosses), and I’m so envious of their perfect relationship! I always look forward to listening to their show while I’m getting in my steps (one of her many tips), or making dinner. Hope I can meet them one day and rave to them in person about all the amazing things they’ve introduced into my life! @maddykruegs
I can’t believe these two have been doing this podcast since 2016 & I just started listening last month, what rock have I been under???? I’ve gained so much knowledge from Lauryn & Michael about business, wellness, and health and they always keep it funny, i’m constantly cracking up in the car. BTW I’ve listened to all 100+ episodes now within a month😂 Truly can’t believe I survived college without The Skinny Confidential... A must listen!!!!! Insta: @cassidycade
BOSS BABE MUST!! -I’ve been following Lauren’s work for about a year now. After reading her blog and how she expresses so naturally she actually inspired ME to start my own science blog, the glam way though! If you havent made this Podcast part of your morning commute, or gym playlist, what are you doing?! I literally listen to it everywhere to find inspiration and learn about things I am usually not exposed to but can then later share with my friends, do research about or apply to my own life and self love routine. For real though, by listening to this podcast youre not only doing a favor to yourself but all those around you. I swear it’s full of positivity and productivity (the full PP experience haha) after a couple episodes YOU will be leading your best life and sharing the knowledge and fierceness with everyone else. It doesnt matter what you do for a living, what state you live with or what you decide to do with your life. I am a chemist by training and cant help but sneak in Him & Her tips and bits at my science conferences or during labs! 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🔬 This is a total boss babe tool that you need to replenish your awesome! @KarellyRG
I have been listening to the Him and Her podcast for quite some time now and it has truly been the driving force that’s inspired me to dive in and begin to build my own brand. Lauryn and Michael’s banter is witty, entertaining and inspiring. They have crazy talented guests on the show and You can’t help but walk away feeling so much more knowledgeable about business, health and beauty. This podcast is a MUST! Instagram: @stephieharvey