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Favorite girly podcast to listen to. Keep up the good work and I love the beauty/ fitness/ lifestyle recommendations!
Good quality interviews and content. Really enjoyed the chat with Amanda Cerny. Showed just how much of a business ninja Amanda really is. Listen to an episode. You’ll want to subscribe.
Guys, you have to check out this show. I’m an interior designer and LOVE listening to their shows, especially the ones with business tips. They have the best personalities and break things down in a really fun way! Quite possibly my new favorite podcast. IG: stylistmanda
Love their relationship on air and that they bring in the professionals, ask the need to know questions and let you form your own opinion. Pretty sure Lauryn is my millennial pink, oil obsessed, anti sun soul sister.
Absolutely hilarious + so down to earth.
Love listening to Lauryn and Michael. Always entertaining, these two make me laugh and keep my interest. I find myself waiting for the new episodes each week. 🤷‍♀️ Great way to pass time in the car and I love the skin and beauty tips and tricks (more beauty less business please!). Also love that Lauryn isn’t afraid to interview people and discuss topics that may be considered “taboo” such as plastic surgery and the various procedures everyone gets and no one wants to speak of. Refreshing. And also interesting! Don’t judge too quickly. The frequent “likes” and tone of Lauryn’s voice can lead to assumptions that it’s another CA airhead with little to offer. She is actually sweet, caring, fun, ambitious and entertaining. Michael and L are a great match. Stay out of the sun lovers!! 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ An_openheartawareness
too much ego
Your honest and diverse content is something I look forward to listening to every week. And your dynamic together can't be beat.
I have listened since the beginning and can’t tell you how much I look forward to this every week. It’s like we’re all sitting around the table drinking skinny margaritas and chatting about REAL life. No BS. I love them.
This is such a good podcast! They touch an so many relevant topics that really help you be the best you and love your best/healthiest life ❤️ obvi love The Skinny Confidential and the podcast is just great!
This is the first podcast I ever got into! I have been listening since the beginning and I Love the Skinny Confidential and I knew I would enjoy this as well. Lauryn and Michael have such a funny banter and the guests they have had on are all uniquely interesting as well as on brand for them. I am not an entrepreneur but but podcast has something for everyone! I take solid advice from every guest regardless of whether it be business, fitness, nutrition, health, etc. Keep it up you guys !
I love learning about health, wellness, business and more on this podcast. It's interesting content and very informative. Thank you for always providing interesting and important content. I appreciate all that I have learned on this podcast! Lauryn and Michael are such an amazing power couple and definitely amazing people to look up to. They always bring great guests on their show as well!
I LOVE this podcast- Lauryn and Michael have such a great chemistry and their banter is hilarious. Every week they bring such interesting, of the moment topics forward and have real discussions. They have amazing guests on the show who share valuable info. I have picked up so many great tips/tricks and life hacks form this podcast. Love you guys!
This podcast is THE BEST ONE OUT THERE, hands down. You get so much amazing information, FROM EXPERTS! Not only that, but Lauryn has also created an amazing community and safe space for thousands of women to share ideas, problems, helpful tips and tricks...all on Facebook...and this group is everything. My favorite is listening to the adorable banter between Lauryn and Michael, couples goals for sure. Thanks for creating the TSC community Lauryn!
I love listening to this podcast while I walk the dog. Entertaining, relatable, inspirational hosts who interview awesome people and talk to them about a variety of things, from their specific fields to mindset and business. Excellent listen
Lauryn and Michael are absolutely the funniest and most loving couple, their dynamic together is great and I love all the new information they bring with each podcast! I am always excited when I see a new podcast has been posted! Keep up the amazing work💗
I love Lauryn and Michael! Him & Her helps me get through my insane commute, and I love all the beauty/health tips. I’m in a place in my life where this is on the top of my priorities list, so I love getting new tricks. I even bought an ice roller to ice my face! Gotta keep that inflammation down. And collagen in my protein shakes ☺️
So funny and real! I love hearing all their tips and tricks! They are both so fun to listen to and have great stories to tell.
I have no idea what I would be doing without some of the absolutely amazing advice Lauryn, Michael, and their guests have shared in this podcast. Each week I learn something new and so applicable to my life, with simple, actionable tips and ideas. Lauryn and Michael are great hosts and are a wealth of knowledge themselves on everything from relationships to branding to health. They have a consistently stellar line up of guests and know how to ask the right questions to deliver the best advice to their audience. The episodes are so informative and so helpful that I usually give them multiple listens, and I’m always so excited to share what I’ve learned with others. At this point I am my office’s resident wellness guru & I owe it to this podcast! The episodes with Tanya Zuckerbrot, Melissa Wood, and Kelly Leveque have personally enhanced my health and wellbeing so much and I can’t thank Lauryn and Michael enough for creating such an awesome platform. It’s funny, it’s real, it’s engaging, and I look forward to it every week.
The banter between Michael & Lauryn is super relatable and hilarious. They have super good business, health & wellness tips and always keep each other on their toes. I’ve learned SO much from the skinny confidential and was SO stoked when they started their podcast. Most realistic & honest blog ever 💕💃🏼
You will find your BFF in Lauren! I love hearing her recommendations and raves. I also love Michael’s input and tips and his love of sparkling water! :)
I was never a podcast listener. I didn’t really get into it until I find this from my sister. Seriously the realist, funniest, uplifting podcast I’ve listened too. I love you guys (not in a creepy way) 🙃 Keep killing the game and making my mornings and life better!
Point blank obsessed. Lauryn and Michael are the perfect combination of hilarious, intelligent and amazingly well versed in each of their podcasts. The guests on the show always make sense for TSC readers and followers. Hearing them say “you do you” keeps you intrigued enough to try all their amazing trips and tricks, but at a level that works best for you. You will not regret it.
i love all the health and wellness tips. always learn something new in an interesting way!
I’ve loved Lauryn for years! Hearing her and Michael banter is great. They have a wonderful relationship and ask such insightful questions! I’m so happy they started a podcast. I have learned so much about skincare, diet, fitness, and life in general. You won’t regret this podcast, you’re gonna love it!!
Amazing info! Funny, diverse, unapologetic. Loveeee!
I love listening to this podcast, it has become my go to when I’m driving. I have purchased so many things that are discussed on the podcast and blog. Lastly, I’m already sad for the day when I run out of old episodes to listen to!
So obsessed with the him and her podcast. It’s so informative because you get questions and answers from a woman’s perspective but also a man’s, which makes it unique. Lauryn and Michael always have the most interesting guests that make you want to keep listening and genuinely use the tips and tricks they talk about. If you only have time for one podcast- this is it 🙌🏻
I’m OBSESSED with everything and anything that’s TSC and Lauryn Evarts. Love her podcast , YouTube , insta , blog . Always sharing the best tips and advice . It’s really hard for me to get into podcasts but the content is always interesting and I totally trust her opinion. I try to get everything she recommends if within budget . MY SKIN THANKS YOU ! So glad I found this !
I absolutely look forward to Tuesday’s because it means PODCAST DAY with Lauren and Michael. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, joy, laughter, and real ness with us. Love these two
Looove this podcast! Just started listening to it and I’m hooked!! Loads of useful information & real life talk. Plus they’re super funny. Can’t wait for the next episode!
The best and most informative podcast with amazing guest and hosts :)
If you want to learn about a wide range of topics but don’t have time for a million podcasts (who does?!), this is the podcast for you. Lauryn and Michael’s witty banter (they are hilarious) makes this feel like a “light” podcast to listen to but they actually touch on a LOT of different issues that are pretty deep and topics that are constructive and helpful for personal growth AND business growth. The show can be totally different episode by episode depending on the guest. Between the diversity of guests, range of topics covered, and the unique and contrasting viewpoints of Lauryn and Michael, this podcast is all about VARIETY.
I learn something new from this podcast every time. Not to mention lauryn and Michael are hysterical!!! Highly recommend. (@graceful_cooking)
I recently began listening to these podcasts since I always see Lauryn refer to them on her instagram. I'm so glad I did, and now I'm hooked! I love the content in these podcasts. In general, you learn a lot about health and wellness. Lauryn and Michael also work really well together, and I admire that. They're a power couple who are willing to help inspire both each other and others while motivating their fans to find their niche and be more productive. It's also interesting to hear about these topics from a male's perspective with Michael's input. I've only listened to 6 or 7 podcasts so far, but the ones that have really stuck with me include #98 Be Well by Kelly Part 2 and #94 with Dr. Mona Vand. As someone interested in a holistically healthy lifestyle, I find these interviews to be very insightful. These podcasts are carefully composed and balanced, yet filled with information. They are SO addicting to listen to! Thank you Lauryn and Michael for opening my eyes to the world of podcasts. I look forward to waking up and listening to them as I give myself a 6 minute facial massage ;)
Fun to listen to, love all the skincare tips!! 💓💓
I wanted to like this podcast but I can’t take these two seriously when they tout glorified sugar water as a miracle liquid IV product. Sorry, no thanks..


By Xty2756
Funny and informative. Great banter
The Skinny Confidential was my first foray into the world of podcasts. From the first episode to the most recent, Lauryn and Michael have kept me listening! Lauryn and Michael themselves have such a gift for communication! Their genuineness and relatability leave me feeling like I really know them. It's like chatting once a week over a glass of wine with friends. This a podcast for people who want to talk about anything and everything -with no limits. A place where advice, reccommendations, and feelings are shared because it is REAL - not just sponsored. And above all, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast is one to listen to when you need a little pick-me-up. Lauryn and Michael are SO funny and SO inspiring :) PS. Thanks for interviewing the most amazing people!
This is a fun, carefree podcast. It’s filled with lots of helpful tips.
This is such a fun and diverse podcast! So many topics are discussed which keeps it interesting. Lauryn is so relatable which makes the podcast even better! PS- I LOVE all of the skincare and wellness topics!!
Love this podcast— hilarious and SUPER informative always! Literally never a waste of time and I look forward to it coming out every Monday. Current fave 💓
Lauren and Michael are on top of their game interviewing some of the most interesting people. If you’re a person who loves to be in the know this podcast is for you. The people they interview are on top of their game in all sorts of different industries, Lauren and Michael are both well read and well networked sharing their tips and hacks and all of this is done between fun teasing couple banter. They make you feel like your sitting on a couch having a coffee- just you, them and whoever their amazing guest is of the week. It’s your chance to hang with the cool kids every week pumping up your confidence and street smarts. I look forward to every episode!