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Panda's Talking games is a fabulous short(ish) form podcast that offers up a filling dish of advice and tips even the most picky GM will enjoy, with a generous side of banter picked fresh from the host's own rapport garden. With a flavorful mix of one-shot and campaign driven perspectives, each bite-sized episode offers a new and satisfying meal your gaming pallet won't soon forget. Try it today!
I love this “short form” gaming advice podcast! Every episode they take one concept and address it from two different angles, commonly one shots or campaigns. The hosts have such a great friendship that I often find myself beaming ear to ear while listening, it’s just like listening to your friends chat about games! The topics are user submitted and are all things relevant to what you actually do at the table, no bland episodes here! Every episode feels like it matters which can be hard to do for advice shows. The greatest praise I can give for this show is that it makes me IMMEDIATELY want to go put what they’ve talked about to the test. I get so jazzed up sharing their enthusiasm that I can’t wait to go use their advice. I wasn’t so thrilled about the outtakes at first but they’ve really grown on me! It’s a great way to digest the meat of the advice in the main show with the desert of giggles and laughs at the end.
Big thanks to Senda and Phil! They are so entertaining and full of great ideas to improve my RPG experiences. I appreciate their structural approach, usually with a lens of one shots vs. campaigns. Thanks for everything. — Jen / Pixelscapes
This podcast is great. It’s funny, it’s lively, it’s fresh. It’s been completely changing the way I see some aspects of gaming (such as safety and story vs game approach). Considering their topics along with them every time I listen is helping me to be a better gamer and hopefully a better GM. Thanks Senda and Phil! You guys rock.
Phil & Senda, aside from just having an amazing on-air chemistry, deliver great gaming advice in a succinct and highly consumable format. They explore all your typical RPG advice topics, except in a way that is entirely different that your typical conversational podcast in that you actually come away with more useful information than you do off-topic banter. Part of that is thanks to Senda's awesome editing, some of it is due to Phil's masterfully laid-out show outlines, and the rest is just their ability to talk about games with passion and knowledge. Icing on the cake is that they are completely system agnostic in their advice, and they come at topics from every angle; trad to independent.
Senda and Phil put out a show dealing with topics from the campaign and one-shot sides of running games and boy howdy do they do it with panache! Occasional guests and the listening pleasure of sendas singing keep this lively and varied. Must listen.
If you're not allowing Senda and Phil to occupy your ear space, then that needs to be remedied right away. This podcast is not only full of great concepts that help with role-playing both one shots and campaigns, but the hosts have a great raport with one another that it feels like a couple of old friends sitting down to have a deep chat about the intricacies of roleplaying. In addition, these two are complete professionals when it comes to delivering their message. Pro-fessionals, even. But this may be something that is more than meets the eye, since their editing skills are unparallelled. This is fully apparent in the ever increasing outtakes section of the show. From Waveform Theater to a lot of silent giggling (and not so silent... you'll know who's who fairly quickly there), the outtakes are something I look forward to every episode, even though the episode content is all around gold. In summary, this show is a must listen, for sure. But don't take my word for it! *Badum da!*
Senda and Phil have amazing chemistry. Phil does a great job with his definitions and campaign knowledge, and Senda with her great knowledge of actual play, particularly in the one shot area. Senda's laugh is infectious and I must admit to feeling Phil's pain when it comes to popsplaining for Senda. I seriously can't recommend this highly enough, for the outtakes alone!!
I love the format, the pace, the outtakes.
I recently started listening to Panda's Talking Games, which I found through another Misdirected Mark Podcast, Cypher Speak featuring Darcy Ross and Troy Pichelson. When they ran a cross-podcast theme week on gaming and kids, I checked out Panda's Talking Games for the first time, and I'm glad I did. I had also started listening to Senda's podcast with Emily, She's A Super Geek which features actual play games. I really enjoyed the episode on children and games, and they gave some great advice which I put to good use. After I ran a game of No Thank You, Evil for my daughter who turns 8 soon, she turned the tables and ran her own scenario. So proud to see my daughter GM for the first time! Besides that episode, I've listened to the pilot episode and the episode on Big Bads. I really enjoyed them and it helped stimulate my own creativity about running games. It'll take me a while, but I fully intend to listen to all the episodes because I've been enjoying it so much. Thanks for making such a great podcast, Senda and Phil!
Senda and Phil are quickly becoming two of my favorite game podcasts hosts. Panda's Talking Games is funny, insightful, and gets me excited to try out new games and new ideas.
This show covers everything from Phil’s popsplaining to Senda’s singing. It’s terrific advice for anyone in the world of tabletop RPGs in the terms of one-shots and campaigns play.
I've only just started listening, but I can already tell how natural and awesome the dynamic is between Senda and Phil. They approach topics with the same wittiness but from different perspectives. Both of them offer something interesting, and their opinions are often complementary (and almost always complimentary). I value the topics they address and the way they address them. Keep on talking about games, pandas. Full disclosure: I played a game that Phil GMed once (at Gen Con), and I have played Scooby-Doo with Senda once on another podcast. P.S. This podcast is pandamonium! (It's not a very good joke, I guess.)
I drive an hour plus into work every morning and podcasts make it tolerable. My pod-catcher has quite a few that load Monday morning, but Panda's is the one with which I always start. They use a light hearted tone to critically analyze various aspects of tabletop, making subjects fun and accessible. The only criticism is that there isn't more of the 'Smash-Man and Skill-Monkey' AP, but that is forgivable. Looking forward to Monday.
Quality material to put in your earholes.
Pandas Talking Games is by far my favorite podcast in my feed. The number of times I've burst out laughing in the middle of the bus on my morning commute is incalculable, and though the embarrassment is high, it's worth it for the quality content that comes out of this informative and entertaining podcast. Thanks, Phil and Senda, for this, and for helping make me feel more confident with RPGs. I look forward to taking your tips and tricks and GMing (both one shots and campaigns!) sometime soon.
Fantastic chemistry between the hosts of this highly entertaining podcast concerning role play gaming. Make sure you listen to the out takes and wave form theatre, they are off the rails hilarious. Keep spreading the love!
They boast that their view points differ from the aspects of campaign or one shot, but they offer so much more than that. Great insight with great entertainment from 2 great game runners.
When I listen to Senda and Phil I feel like I'm sitting at a warm kitchen table with Cape Cod decor as a cozy morning light spills in, sipping coffee and chatting with my good friends. They are infectious (not in a bad way) and I enjoy their point of view on games. Although I'd listen to them no matter the topic.
Two geek minds, both alike in dignity, In fair Waveform, where we lay our scene, From ancient geek break to new nerdery, Where geeky blood makes geeky hands unclean.
Have you ever spent time with two people who are such good friends that they make YOU feel good? That's what it's like listening to each episode of Panda's Talking Games. The hosts, Phil and Senda (get it? "Panda"?), work incredibly well together. They are fun and knowledgeable and cover exactly the RPG topics you want to hear. How? Because listeners get to suggest the topics! They will cover different perspectives on a single topic per show, and all in a tight, short-form format. Plus, at the end, you can stick around for outtakes and bloopers! The show is really great and really fun, just like the hosts.
It's all about the outtakes. Oh, and the subject matter is good too 😊
I really like this show, but I wish they would but an email, or where they can be found in the show notes, I know they say them, but it would really help if it was in the show notes.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Senda and Phil have great ideas about RPGs but the outtakes are the absolute best.
Phil and Senda are just a fun listen. They play off one another amazingly well, and then present a topic quickly, with just enough humorous digression to up the entertainment factor. Great fun to listen to if you enjoy RPGs.
This a great gaming podcast. They do a great job sticking to around 30 minutes which makes it a great short RPG podcast to listen to while driving. They also release their episodes on time every Monday. The editing is great so they get to the topic right away and stay on topic. They take all the funny outtakes and put them at the end so you can listen to those if you want (you should because—spoiler alert—it's hilarious). Thank you Phil and Senda for an awesome podcast!
Phil and Senda provide such a great dynamic. They cover topics within tabletop role playing, sometiems with feedback from listeners. Their interviews are great too, giving insight into how they might do things. Most of all, they're a joy to listen to. They brighten what would otherwise be a dreary monday morning commute. The outtakes at the end are priceless.
Phil and Senda provide a great show every week, offering great insight on different RPG topics from both the one-shot and campaign perspectives. It's amazing how many little differences there are between the two and they bring home ways to improve upon both. Their advice is always solid and never judgemental of different playstyles. There's also an amazing amount of humor and giggles. You come for the content but stay for the outtakes.
Phil and Senda approach various topics, generally from either a one-shot or a campaign perspective. Both are knowledgable, experienced, and charismatic, and generally offer good advice to improve your gaming experience in about 30 minutes And then you get twenty or so bonus minutes of their blooper reel for free, that you can either skip, or listen to and have your day brightened by infectious laughter.
I struggle to find podcasts that are not stuck talking about D&D encumbrance rules and the radical idea that the hobby can move beyond the roots of the hobby. These two are like a breath of fresh air. They are smart and funny. Also, it is always under an hour.
Senda and Phil have great chemistry on the mics and it’s really helpful to hear them tackle standard RPG topics as approached in one shots vs. campaigns. Senda as a cohost of She’s a Super Geek has long experience in running one shots, and Phil literally wrote the book on campaigns. Mic drop.