Reviews For Behind the Porn Scenes with Lelu Love - Sex, Dating and My Real Life

This is a must listen to podcast, beautiful, smart, funny and will really get you going. Keep up the fantastic work


Love this girl, she’s so awesome and funny
I hope you fix the mic issue you had on episode 71 a quarter of the episode I couldn't hear
If you want to hear a woman who thinks she's way more funny then she actually is talk about her "escapades" then this is for you. Just awful.
I have been a member on her site and I regret not joining her site sooner. What you see in her videos and hear on her Podcast is her real self. She puts a lot of work and effort into everything she does in regards to everything she offers to her members. She has a member in me for as long as she offers a membership. I strongly recoomend listening to her Podcasts and follow her on Twitter. You won't regret it.
I just started listening to it (and I need to catch some of the older ones I've missed) and I have to say that it has been a very entertaining so far. I will definitely keep listening and recommend anyone else who is looking at this to just give it a try and you won't regret it.
What can I say. I just love everything about the podcast. She is awesome
I am relatively new to her site and podcast but her and B are such a warm, open, authentic couple that it feels like I have been a friend for years. This podcast is no different. Both are authentic and honest as well as open with all aspects of their lives. If open, frank, and explicit talk bothers you then this is not the podcast for you, but if you enjoy honest, open, real people who share their life with you then subscribe ASAP. There is something new and exciting in each episode, and it is never slow or boring. You will not be disappointed to share a little of your day with these 2 great people.
I've been a fan of what Lelu does for a long time and I appreciate that B and her give us a brief look into their everyday life. Thank you for all you do for us fans and keep up the great work! You're the best Lelu and B!
I have been a member of Lelu's site for four years what makes her different from other girls is that she is down to earth easy to talk you and I love her new podcast hope she continues
This is such a "real" podcast. It shows that her videos really come from her real personality. Fun, carefree, honest, and fun. Easy to see why she's a favorite fantasy girl.
I'm a fan of her work. Doing a video every day takes alot of dedication. I listened to the first podcast out of curiousity and was pleasantly surprised. She put effort anf thought into her performances on stage just like she does with her videos. I will definitely listen to future podcast.