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Trying to get into the Fx industry (someday) comforting to know there’s another Colorado-an here with so much success (california is a foreign country to me when I hear about it). Hearing your voices all the time really encourages me when sometimes my creative side gets extinguished by working all day and coming home to a stressful environment. It’s also so great to hear from the real mvp’s of the movies. The ones that actually make the effects you see on screen. Nothing against actors and directors I’m just way more enamored by the effects you guys make. Don’t you guys stop anytime soon ya hear!
Stuart and Todd, two well regarded professional special effects make-up artists and educators, share quality information here! It's a fun get-together with them and their guests as they sweep back the curtain on materials, techniques and perspectives relating to all things make-up effects. While their approach is comfortable and inviting, very much like another reviewer stated: "This is like hanging with them", they truly offer a healthy serving of education without too much fluff. What's also highly important is that these two gentlemen obviously CARE about their listeners, the industry, and the art form as a whole. They aren't afraid to impart hard won wisdom and knowledge from their vast experiences. Also, they are straightforward in their critique of their own and third party work progress, which is invaluable for beginners and peers alike. As a special effects make-up artist, creature designer and educator myself, I can't recommend this podcast highly enough.
If you love special effects make-up and prosthetics, this is a great podcast to listen to. Stuart Bray and Todd Debricini are experts in the industry and love to talk shop about everything from painting prosthetics and using various adhesives to color theory and lifecasting. Their interviews with industry leaders are really eye-opening into the make-up process and behind-the-scenes details. I look forward to listening to more episodes.
I love how technical the show is, without being boring. 😊 I’m an outsider on the makeup and lifecasting side but love hearing about bald caps and tinting silicone. The sculpting tips and some general casting stuff are more my actual jam. One day, though, I’ll turn myself into a werewolf and know how to stick and unstick stuff to myself.
Stuart and Todd give great pieces of information! Very helpful for someone new to FX makeup. I’ve learned a lot from these guys and his podcast. Highly recommend for anyone wanting learn FX makeup. Very funny and easy to listen to making it all that much better and easier to learn from.
I'm someone that wants as much information as possible on the subject of makeup and effects. I'm not really looking for the fan commentary, talking about the polished end product. I'd rather learn about the struggles and the raod you take to get there. I really like the technical nature of the conversations. I don't always follow what's being discussed, but it at least prompts me to do some research. If you are interested in the field or want to expand your craft, give this a listen.
Any day now guys...
Where has this podcast been all my life? So good.
If you are interested in prosthetics makeup--foam latex, silcone, or gelatin--this is a must listen. Two very fun and knowledgeable hosts, with lots of links to useful information. I have one criticism: Episode 12 with Rob Burman. Terrific interview of Burman. His mother, in the background, though, providing running commentary--becomes annoying after only a short while. Your mileage may vary. But it's a short episode, thankfully. Otherwise, highly recommended!
I started fx with Todd's book and Stuart's YouTube tutorials. It's a real treat to hear their brains working in real time discussing real problems. Y'all really came into your own with the last 2 interviews. You really know how to ask questions that unlock troves of interesting technical info and history from your guests. Totally re-listening Thom's interview. Don't be afraid to get more esoteric with technical stuff! Treat it like a grad school lecture series. Your basic intro stuff is easy to find and well covered elsewhere. Being more specialized would set this stuff apart. Keep it up!!! -Izzi Ps. Do something on air bladders???
If you love Monsters and F/X work, this is like hangin with them! All the trade secrets you ever wanted! Can't wait for the next episode! Thankyou all for making this available!
Stuart and Tadd have years of experience making wonderful makeups and effects an they are sharing it with us! Todd has written one of the leading resources for beginning as well as experienced makeup artists, "Special Makeup effects for stage and screen". I am excited to listen and re-listen to these podcasts and looking forward to more. Thanks Stuart and Todd!- Chris