Reviews For The Relationships Architect with Khaled Ghorab

If you are looking for a show on developing stronger relationships, then this one is a good listen. I've enjoyed it so far.
Khaled has a huge heart for relationships, couples, love, and humanity in general. His focus on helping to show people what works, is very positive, and much needed in our world. Great job! Keep up the great work! ~Alf Herigstad
What you said about the standard old school advice about relationships is spot on! Glad you're talking about this very important topic.
I just hatched a relationship with this podcast - I will be a return listener. Cool, smart, sensitive and accessible discussions.
I just listened to Episode 7. I am so impressed with the host Khaled! Khaled asks very thoughtful questions and you can tell he really cares about the answers and his guest. I was so taken with this episode that the time flew by. I loved his guest Hanan and am so impressed with her insights at such a young age. Great job Khaled, I'll be listening to you in the future, that's for sure!


The heart, soul and love behind these messages are both authentic and tangible. Thank you for sharing your heart.
I’ve listened to your episodes and this was an interesting podcast. Can't wait for more episodes.
Great work Khaled!
I am excited to take this advice and have a more vibrant well-rounded, happy life.
Thanks Khaled for reminding me of the importance of relationships, they are really why we do what we do! Time to go focus on my family now!!
Excellent voice of transformations