The Power Squad Project with Ashleigh Blatt

Reviews For The Power Squad Project with Ashleigh Blatt

I appreciate the host of this podcast for her witty style. I love hearing stories about women in business and how they manage it all. I think a Mompreneur is a very special individual so I THANK you for highlighting so many of them!
I absolutely love this podcast. It's so amazing to hear the inspirational stories from women WINNING in life and business. MOMpreneurs have a unique journey that Ashleigh captures beautifully. I love this podcast and how it is a place for all moms who have dreams that are complimentary to our families. Love - Ticora - The Creator's Lawyerâ„¢


Listening to Ashleigh interview mompreneurs is energizing and inspiring.
Love listening to these inspiring women. The show is transparent and I love that!
Every week I look forward to the Mompreneur on Fire podcast as I always get a little nugget of an idea or inspiration to push me forward in my own quest to be a "mompreneur." Ashleigh does an excellent job of asking the questions I'm curious about. I'm particularly interested in how these different successful moms have found different ways of the work/family balance. The podcast is now in my normal weekly workout/drive time rotation!
Wow! It's so inspiring to hear how these moms make things happen. If they can fit it all in, so can I. Thanks for all the great stories and examples and keep 'em coming...!
Great Podcast!! I love to hear how other moms are doing things.
This is a podcast for the mompreneurs, but in this day and age, with every combination of parent at work and parent at home, so much of this information is applicable to men, too. Especially the parts about juggling kids and family with business. As men, we're often culturally oriented to the business side, so sometimes we need help with the soft skills side of things. Ashleigh Blatt makes every interview feel like she's having a really interesting conversation with her best friend.
I cannot get enough stories about women in biz. I like the approach of this one because it focuses on Mompreneurs. A great podcast to listen to while working out!