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Far and away the greatest podcast to come from Common Room Radio. These guys were so funny and relatable. Really wish there could be more of this great show.
Passionate and truly kind, it's difficult to not enjoy getting to know these hosts as they put themselves at the mercy of a randomly rolled topic. The structure of this podcast is so entirely unique it's refreshing, but not quite as nice as the aforementioned attitudes of our heroes. You will laugh heartily with them while diving into meaning, experience, and even sometimes the worth of emotions. Often shockingly insightful, and always excited, these hosts make this podcast a pure joy. It does sadden me a bit that they are not deep fans of the horror genre, but we can't be specialists in all areas. I personally would like to thank them for creating content and urge them to continue, else my work days may grow stale and bitter.
I started out with Disney Princess Deathmatch, then ventured to Odd Man Out, and made my way over here Common Room Radio never disappoints. Sometimes with podcasts like these, where it's just friends getting together to talk about stuff, it's easy to get off topic and ramble - but these guys manage to keep a conversation going but keep it interesting and enjoyable all at the same time. But my favorite part is that every podcaster on this station is so kind and respectful, and you can tell they just really love their friends. This podcast is a pure blend of obscure nerdom and random fandom. I definitely recommend!
Even though I know little to noth about gaming, the guys at Roll For Topic break down their interests in such an interesting way that I like to listen. They're relatable, smart, funny, charming, etc. Loved the last episode about Pokemon Go, and hope to listen to more soon.
Okay, I consider myself a niche kind of nerd. I read fantasy and some sci-fi, I don't read comics. I watch lots of genre films and TV like DW, BSG, etc but I hated Pacific Rim (just to be clear about that-I really hated that movie). But I do geek out about people geeking out about things they love because there's nothing cooler than passion and enthusiasm. I came to this podcast through Common Room Radio's Odd Man Out, which I absolutely adore and I must say, I am surprised by how much I love this one. Because of randomness is the premise of the show, I wasn't sure I would know enough about topics as they came up, but it doesn't matter. The hosts speak so frankly about their own experience with whatever it happens to be that I feel totally comfortable in topics I don't know much about. And sometimes they don't know much about said topics either so it all works out. My favorite bit is Randomit, where they randomly search for a subreddit to discuss and it couldn't be funnier! The occasional evident discomfort they experience when something odd comes up is priceless. I'm hooked, guys. Well done.
I followed Alan Beck here from Odd Man Out and was again enchanted. It's a good show to listen to in the car with my nerdy life partner or nerdy son. All 3 hosts have such good energy and positive vibes. My only suggestion, but not a critique, would be that I would love more of a window into the actual roll for the topic. It's such a unique concept--maybe sometime you could roll for next week's topic at the end of the show?
I look forward to each new episode! Love listening... even when I have no idea what they're talking about.
Love the creative premise to this podcast! Thank you Common Room Radio for creating so many fantastic and unique podcasts - I'll definitely keep this one on my podcast rotation!
This crew gives the why behind their opinions in a thoughtful and well communicated manner. For the novice nerd or the well-versed nerd this is for you. Well done! Bravo! Randy, give me your oddest concept one that you never think will meet the dice.


Great podcast! These guys really knows how to draw the listener in and make them feel like they are a part of the conversation. ... And when you leave a review Randy ( one of the guys in the podcast) will even help you make your next rpg character! How great is that?!
Man these guys sure do know how to talk. Makes me happy on the inside.
Fantastic addition to the genre, love listening to these guys!
This is great as an upbeat, positive, entertaining experience even if you are not well versed on their topic. I learn something new and get some recommendations to boot. Thanks for sharing what you love and not wasting time on things you don't.
What an awesome concept for a podcast! The friendship between Randy, Joe, and Alan really shines through! Can't wait for more discussions! It would be cool to have some listener feedback within the podcast, like reading an email or tweet. Great job!
This is the first podcast I have listened to & I'm enjoying every minute of it! I love the easy flow of the 'nerdy' banter & it makes me feel like I'm just hanging out with my guys.
Fun topics and intelligent conversation that goes well beyond "video games I like". Really well thought out and executed, definitely adding this one to my listening rotation!


By Ash7686
I highly enjoyed this,Super easy to listen to and keep up with even if you aren't "well versed in nerdey" Keep up the good work guys! Can't wait for the next episode!
Even though it's structured, the show is very casual and sounds like conversations I have with my friends.
Alan, Randy, and Joe clearly have excellent knowledge about their subjects. Their open nerdiness is refreshing and makes you feel like you're hanging with the guys on a Saturday just chatting about whatever. I really enjoyed the "Random It" section where they had to talk about a random subreddit...hopefully they don't get to anything too crazy over there! Great job you guys!