Reviews For Gay Girls in Paradise

This is a really great concept, but isn't particularly well executed. Mostly, the failings seem to be due to technical limitations. The sound quality is particularly bad, but I'm not really sure what could fix it (at least not without dropping a ton of money on the project). The opening graphics are very poorly done, and over the top. The music chosen for the opening sequence also seems very out of place. Having said all of that, I can say that, visually, the videographer has done a good job with composition and sometimes with motion. The images do capture the gutter-punk aethsetic and culture very well. I'd love to see these images remixed into a montage with a better soundtrack... maybe some music from a local (or Yay Area... like... say... the fleshies) band.
I watched the first episode "Summer of Love". The episode is about a minute of what appears to be a low quality spy cam aimed at two people in front of a car. The audio is muffled as if the mic is in the videographer's pocket, and there is no apparant reason for videoing these people that I can tell. I am not even sure they know they are being video'd. This is really pathetic.