Glass Half Full with Leslie Krongold, Ed.D.

Reviews For Glass Half Full with Leslie Krongold, Ed.D.

For policy makers and patients alike! Leslie asks thoughtful interview questions, links whole health best practices, and approaches disability care seamlessly in this podcast. This podcast should be a trendsetter not just in the health care industry, but down to how we design our infrastructure and shapes our attitudes about what health means.
So glad I found this podcast. My partner has DM1 and this show has been inspirational. Informative and compassionate.
Well done podcast that largely revolves around healing and generally dealing with chronic issues. Leslie's compassion, humor and joy de vivre make what could be difficult instead be a message of hope, optimism and positive ways to cope, thrive and heal. Recommended.
Leslie knows first hand what challenges individuals face and is compassionate about helping those in need. I had the honor of meeting Leslie a few years ago at a Conference. I was feeling very uncomfortable at the time as it was my first time around many affected. I was asked to talk about my families illness which was very difficult. Afterwards Leslie went out of her way to give me words of Encouragement. Since then I have from time to time reached out to Leslie and she is always willing to give me advice. She is a true advocate.
If you live with myotonic dystrophy (or with any other major health challenge for that matter), there are always enough challenges that plainly present themselves everyday. It can get you down even as you do your best to approach life optimistically and in hope. What Leslie does in her podcasts is to acknowledge the challenges and offer up ideas and tools to use in filing down the edges on those challenges. Empowerment is in her message, empowerment to live with this thing we have and make a positive difference in the world in some big or little ways.
Refreshing, from the heart, practical. Looking forward to the next one
This podcast is one of the few I’ve found that is narrated and moderated by someone who truly and fundamentally understands what it is to live with a chronic disease. Leslie explores infinite practices and techniques to keep focus on the positive and approach life with enthusiastic optimism despite one’s personal struggles.
Sometimes you find the right podcast at the right time. The podcasts about dancing and music were very well timed for what I am going through. A great podcast to listen to while I am doing my rehab exercises! (When I am not dancing, that is). My only dislike is the sound effects can be distracting.
Leslie does a great job at giving a empathetic, kind approach not only to people who have had similar experiences as her, but I️ good variety different chronic diseases.
What a great podcast! Interesting subjects, articulate speakers, and a wide variety of issues that remind me not to take anything for granted. There are so many health issues that myself and everyone I know are facing now and this podcast gives us a chance to see many positive features that we can be active about. Thanks to Leslie, who is a model of positive energy, and to all her informed guests, I think the disabilities being discussed have been discussedm with a much needed point of view.
Leslie’s perspectives on living with your glass half full are beneficial to everyone. From someone who has many loved ones and family affected by progressive conditions, her podcasts have been informative, cover unique topics, and beyond the glass half full slant of things she really does offer perspectives that you haven’t necessarily heard before. Worth a listen!
Encourage someone to listen to the podcast. Why do you like it? What can listeners learn?
I enjoy Glass Half Full for its focus on health and wide range of related topics. This podcast is focused on topics pertaining to dealing with chronic health conditions, but that is only the jumping off point. I learn something new with every episode, and there is a take away that applies to everyone, its an excellent surprise what each new topic will be. I have enjoyed listening and so will you. Give it a try.
This podcast has been a fantastic resource for me to learn about different healing modalities. I really appreciate Leslie's sense of humor and clarity of vision. I appreciate her intention to bring more well-being to this world, making healing as accessible as possible to the most people as possible.
I have enjoyed the varied and in-depth subjects that the author explores. She serves up a nice blend of guests and topics.
Leslie is a good friend, one that I know to be honest, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all, humorous! She shows extreme courage in the face of adversity, and never stops working on behalf of those with limitations. As I age, I'm starting to encounter some limitations of my own, so listening to Leslie's Glass Half Full podcast helps me learn how to deal with these, and to better understand the positive aspects of living with chronic conditions.
I love to listen to Leslie's podscasts. They are insightful. educational and uplifting. For anyone who is deling with a chronic illness or if you are a fmily memebr of someone who is dealing whith a chronic illness this podcast will be a great resource for help, information and uplifting your spirits. It is a very positive look at a not so positive situation.
I was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy about 20 years ago. It was great to have a name for what was happening to me, but with so little known about the disease, real information was hard to get. Leslie Krongold has made this information available to me in a clear, concise manner. She’s been the facilitator of a Facebook group for us and has organized ongoing meetings, some social, and some with experts answering questions. For most of us, talking to an expert is not possible - there are so few who even know much about the disease, and they are so busy. Leslie is able to get that information to us, and I am so grateful. I feel much less alone. I only wish everyone who has been diagnosed (or not) with a disease like DM could learn about these podcasts - they can be a life changer.
Leslie brings a host of knowledge, experience, empathy and curiosity to Glass Half Full. As a caregiver, I know there will be learnings and inspiration that can get me through my day. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone living with a chronic condition, and caregivers and service professionals who interact with people suffering from a chronic condition. I especially like the humor and the positive attitude!
Leslie is an experienced advocate who has first hand experience of living with a "Glass Half Full". She her Ed.D, the wisdom of compassion, and years of experience working with those with chronic health conditions, the families affected, and caretakers. She is inspirational in her journey to gain knowledge, inform others, and help the mind-body connection of those who brave the battle with chronic health conditions. You will appreciate her insights, the clairty of her podcast, and the depth of knowledge available in an approachable format. Not only is Leslie great, but her content is worthwhile. It is important to find positive coping tools to help the brain think positively and drive the body to positive experiences. It is important to recognize the power of the perspecitve and the mind in approaching a benefical holistic health plan.