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Great podcast for people into whitewater kayaking. Extremely smart-relatable hosts and guests, who touch on every relevant subject in whitewater. This is the only podcast I seem to be able to listen to on a regular basis. Please keep them coming.
If they could somehow manage to fit some evidence to support their assertions into ~2 hours of seemingly stoned rambling, it might be worth an occasional listen. As-is it's hard to recommend this to other than 17-year old dude-brah's. Notable exception given to Geltman's access reports.
Whether it’s Weld backpedaling, Geltman getting nostalgic on slalom or Grace cackling, this show continues to be the heartbeat of whitewater kayaking. We wait with baited breath for every episode to come out and for Anonymous Boat Review Guy to return. Insightful interviews w/pros, boat industry rumors, tales of rapids in distant lands... the chance for boating stoke is always prime here. Thankyou Grace.
Keep it coming guys!
Good informative kayaking podcast with too much politics. Just another example of outdoor sports being tied to liberal politics, despite the actual political diversity found in the outdoor community!
If you kayak/canoe/raft/packraft... whatever then you gotta give thus show a listen.
Again I love hearing good information about paddling. The main reason I love the pod. So this is why I feel the need to say something about episode 59, and how the idea that some runs, accessibility beta, and even locations of tiny creeks need to be kept a secret in order to protect them from over crowding. While during the same episode you speak of lobbying to get lands protected get and funds provided to......get more people outside. We live in a different time where people always want the bigger and better thing, the cooler trip. If someone doesn’t wanna waste their day hiking to a 10” waterfall when they could easily hike to spirit falls, let them. That gets more people outside; when knowledge is more prevalent.
Whitewater legends throwing out their opinions coupled with informative guests like ear Doc’s. The perfect content whitewater paddlers have been craving!
On a 1 - 10 scale (1-bad, 10 awesome!) I would completely rate this show a solid 11. I think about whitewater kayaking all the time, and now this show brings it to a whole new level. I love the banter, the policy talk (poo-poo on all the haters out there), and the stories / interviews from thier guests. I literally go through withdrawals when waitng for a new episode to drop. Thanks for truly enhancing my life.
Do you ever wake up wondering what you're doing with your life? It's a terrible thing to think about. Hammer Factor will take your mind off such nonsense and take you to a world of humor, river sense, and pedantic public policy. Weld, Grace and Geltman do for kayaking what the McLaughlin Group did for public affairs. What the Marx Brothers did for vaudeville. What Fox and Friends do for fantasy. Any self-respecting whitewater kayaker should consider this mandatory listening. Any non-kayaker will come away wishing they were one...and confused.
Love everything about it! Get your paddle sports and outdoor love on in here...SYOTR!!!
Nice work gents! I just picked you up on my morning+evening sardine can of a ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan and by the time I finish my commute Louis is just wrapping his policy update. 😂 Love it. Keep it up please.
Whitewater paddling is a small world. You could show up to any run in the country and more than likely be only a few degrees of separation from any other paddler there. The Hammer Factor shrinks that world a little bit further by bringing you along for a weekly conversation with three super accomplished paddlers with varied backgrounds in whitewater kayaking. There’s conservation talk, stories from epic locations, industry shop talk, boat reviews, interviews with legends and epic rants from IR founder and podcast regular John Weld; who may well be the funniest person in whitewater. If you’re new to paddling these guys will help you move past your class II bed wetter phase and if you’re a veteran the Hammer Factor keeps you feeling connected to the tribe. Most importantly these guys definitively settled the age old debate of Shark Vs. Bear. I can’t tell you what an enormous relief it was for me to be unburdened with that question. I now have all kinds of free time to think about the great philosophical questions of our time like whether String Theory is the unifying theory of physics or Silverback Gorilla with a hatchet vs. Crocodile...Thanks boys...


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Best kayaking podcast on the interwebs!
Everything I know about paddle offsets I learned from The Hammer Factor crew!
Great podcasts, we love the kayaking stories from the past and the older boat reviews. I think you guys have great bandwidth in your coverage covering so many interesting and relevant aspects of the sport, as yes we love the political aspects too and I think Louis did a great job explaining the need to be informed on policy in episode 48. We love the banter and trash talking that goes on between you guys. We try and save the podcasts for paddling trips which gives us something to listen to and discuss on the way to the river. Keep up the great work. PS when mentioning the new slicey river runners you always mention the Brapp sometimes the Antix and the new Ripper and even the old RPM but you almost never mention the Axiom or the Gonzo any reason.
Great podcast to listen to for whitewater enthusiasts, unless you like SUPs! Keep it coming ladies and dudes.
These guys are on point when it comes to what's happening in the paddle sports industry. Always very entertaining! Since this podcast came out almost a year ago it's what everyone has been talking about in the eddys and around campfires. I have worked in paddle shops for almost 10 years now and this podcast and its views set the standard for how we should view and expect growth in our sport. Thanks guys keep up the good work! -CruiseQ-
Making easing back into the work week a little easier for us weekend warriors! Awesome program, keep it up, and sell some schwag!
I love this podcast. As a sales rep that spends a lot of time behind the windshield, I love The Hammer Factor. It's a welcome break from the monotony and absurdity of satellite radio and news. Thanks (to Louis, especially) for keeping us informed about environmental issues that affect the paddling community. Also, thanks for providing a humorous "echo chamber" for my views on paddle length/hand position, boat design, and the debated (questionable) legitimacy of whitewater SUP. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight!
keep it up and this will go down as the classic whitewater podcast. great info from the inside guys. would have been five stars but you had to talk about the elephant... fyi i am from erwin.
I have a boring day job but love kayaking more than anything. I listen to podcasts all day to combat the monotony of the work and a podcast that talks about whitewater is perfect. I loved LVM and I'm happy that John Grace is still doing his creative thing. I do have one criticism though. Ditch the video component and make it an audio podcast. I understand that you are a video production guy but realistically nobody downloads a podcast only to then sit and watch silent footage. People download podcasts to listen to on their commute or while they get stuff done at work or home. The video keeps the screen lit, consuming battery vs an audio podcast that can continue running in the background allowing your screen to black out. Plus the video podcasts are HUGE files that gobble up storage on your device. Your files are 400+ mb when a comparable length audio podcast is more like 18mb. I'll stream this show if I have good wifi but it is Far too much file worth downloading. Please consider this for the future
Nice work! Excited about this podcast!