Reviews For Loose Threads — Inside the new consumer economy

Richie and his talented guests talk all things business, but it’s so much more than that! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and genuinely want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Richie - keep up the great work!
Richie combines a distinctive point of view with a highly listenable voice to create a podcast that is informative, and oddly relaxing. There's really no other resource that produces value for marketers, entrepreneurs, and D2C enthusiasts in the way that Loose Threads does. Listen, learn, and enjoy.
Exceptional info for anyone in the D2C game or trying to understand the new economy. The best podcast by far for entrepreneurs and marketers. Gets into plenty of detail so that you’re getting actionable info, but is accessible enough that all episodes provide insight. Couldn’t recommend this one more.
Fantastic interview to learn about marketing and how to launch a company!
This is the first review I’ve left for a podcast because I was shocked to see how few reviews it had despite the fantastic interview quality. It’s extremely educational for entrepreneurs and I highly recommend it!
Whenever I see there's a new episode, I get genuintely excited to press play. A must listen to anyone in any creative industry...especially fashion and retail.
Of the many, many podcasts I subscribe to, Loose Threads is one of the most valuable. Skillful interviewing, fascinating guests.
For anyone in the fashion or consumer economy Loose Threads is an invaluable source of important information, insight and inspiration. Richie is a brilliant and insightful interviewer. His guests are pioneers, founders and disrupters, many of whom started with almost nothing. Richie asks great questions, the kind that someone who’s trying to get started or advance in the business would ask. His guests answer these probing questions with remarkable openness. I only wish the interviews were longer. I always learn something, I’m hooked! Thanks for doing this Richie!
Richie and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best tactics and latest trends to help you effectively grow your business. Highly recommend listening and subscribing Loose Threads if you want the knowledge AND mindsets stay ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Great insider view of upstart companies in retail fashion. If you wear Everlane and read Racked you should listen to Loose Threads. One caveat though is the intro music and the host's voice sounds like it belongs to a remake of The Twilight Zone
This guy gets it. Thanks, Richie!
Great content. Richie gets interesting people to articulate how and why they were are able to innovate. Love it. Go Richie !
Taught me a lot about this industry! Very educational, cannot wait for more.


By Sgccco
One of my favorite podcasts. Richie is a guru and everything he covers will help business owners, analysts and industry enthusiasts of all types. Highly recommended, a lot of work clearly goes into this and it shows!
This podcast is incredible. It not only tells start up stories of companies of all different sizes, but it also takes a moment to reflect on the positive, negatives, and future of this industry. We need more people asking these questions within fashion and manufacturing as a whole. The information in these podcasts can add value to any business and Richie does a great job of bringing out the similarities between industries by asking the questions you would naturally want to ask. Will continue to be an avid listener.
Loose Threads is consistently putting out fantastic conversations around fashion, retail, commerce, and tech. The variety of guests is great, and each episode brings new analysis and insights to the table.
This podcast is fantastic and Immensly helpful to anyone that is either running a fashion startup or is thinking about starting a business in fashion or retailing. Even for those not in fashion, some of the episodes are just fascintating stories, such as Nadaam cashmere and taking $2M to the Mongolian desert or hearing how Steven Alan started in NYC. Highly recommended.
This is not just a podcast for fashion minded individuals. If you want to know about the people that are really pushing forward the entrepreneurial game. Listen to this podcast. The interviews are great. I just enjoy everything about this podcast.
Interesting and informative! I have listened to every episode and anxiously anticipate more!