The Twisted Ten - Unique Top Ten Lists

Reviews For The Twisted Ten - Unique Top Ten Lists

Love the fact that discussions are had with contradictory viewpoints without any condescending tones. Listen to the flat earther episode.
The concept of the show is great, but the hosts are boring to listen to.
interesting show. always different & always fun
Really great list and funny episode. Recommend to listen
Love the hosts 😌 always interesting.
Love the different guests weekly. Lots of fun


You guys have a great show. I love how each guests gives it a flavor unique to themselevs. Never the same thing, and always fun. I heard you guys on Hysteria 51 and had to check you out. Glad I did.
Great show
Really like the show, even if you entertain flat earth nonsense!
Crazy history, a variety of topics, and laughs all around are what you'll find in this show. Unique top ten lists on almost any topic guarantee everyone will find something they're into on this show
If you want a good laugh, and some great random facts this is the podcast for you!
Always a great count down and always a good time
This show is totally fun. The lists they have are so funny and smart. They have great guests and the hosts are fab. This is Clay from the Fish Nerds podcast.
Entertaining bunch to listen to
Amazing podcast from the team! Love the guests on the show.
Great mix of comedy and information
I love the variety of this podcast. You can get sports, conspiracies, random facts, and all the stuff in between. These guys and gal and guest hosts are great. I can't wait to hear more from all of you and all the upcoming guests of the show.
I love that not only do they take turns hosting, but they have guests host the show also. always somethign new and fresh. One of my constant go to podcasts each week. Brent form Hysteria 51
Hilarious, entertaining, and high quality. This makes this a podcast that must be on your subscription list.


These guys are very funny. I love their originality, comic views and as other reviews have commented the audio is first class.
Fun show! Great sound quality and engaging hosts. And who doesn't like a good top ten list? The list choices have been great so far!
Audiophobes will love thios podcast. Quality is top notch. The hosts have a great conversation that seems voyeuristic to us. Two guys talking about things as if it is a normal conversation - finding the humor in anything.
Audio quality is top notch and the hosts are really funny! Keep up the great work! :)
What can i say. I love it! lol