Toastmasters 101

Reviews For Toastmasters 101

It's Full Of Inspiration and Lots Of Public Speaking Tips! Paul F DTM
I just joined Toastmasters and like the general info provided here. I think this would be a bit more enjoyable if this was presented less speech’y. I feel like the host is reading from something but would like to see this a little more conversational and less forced. Also, there are weird breathy pauses that I find distracting. Keep up the great work!
I recently join Toastmasters in July 2019 and this podcast has shared some great information.
The podcast says itis for starting your TM journey. I'm a club VPE. I was directed to it as a resource for new members, but it doesn't seem like a great resource for that. There's too much TM insider stuff to wade through. Also, at least in the first few episodes, there are weird sound issues.
Coming from someone who is aspiring toastmaster. Listening to this podcast has really helped me make the leap and contact a chapter. I look forward to the next episode.