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Reviews For Sarah's Laughter Infertility Podcast

This podcast is like a family. Such a great source of virtual support in the midst of an infertility struggle.
Seriously, if you are in the midst of infertility you do not want to miss an episode of this podcast. Beth is so amazing in gathering all this wonderful ladies who have stories that give you hope, encouragement and faith. Struggling myself for over four years is hard but when you have a podcast like this to listen to and relate to it makes it a little more bearable. Everything Sarah’s laughter does benefits the struggle we are going through. Keep up the amazing work it truly pays off!
I just found this podcast and it is unlike any I have heard. A lot of infertility podcasts give endless information that usually leads to me stressing out about what I have to do different, or they tell success stories about long battles with infertility and how they ended up with a child (which is great but can also be somewhat stressful to listen to). This podcast shares stories about people who are in the midst of the struggle or whose ending did not turn out how they initially planned, yet they continue to lean on God, trust God and put their faith in his plan. I love the insight of the people on the podcast and how their stories are what God has created and shaped. I am so thankful I discovered this podcast and will continue to listen to help me put God at the center of it all.
This podcast has been the most precious stream I have come across. Hearing the stories of men and women walking through infertility and faith has been a balm to my hurt, broken, lonely, scared, fearful heart. Thank you to everyone who has and will share their story. Thank you Jason and Beth for this wonderful ministry. God bless.
Absolutely LOVE this podcast and so very thankful for Sarah’s Laughter! It has truly changed my infertility journey to one of hope and encouragement! ❤️
Don’t know where I would be without this. Everyone I know has children & this podcast makes me feel not alone. Thank you for creating it.
This has helped me so much during our infertility journey. I am so thankful for this podcast. God has used this to help so many women. And men! Thank you.
Thank you!!!
This podcast has been crucial to me overcoming the hurt I have experienced over the last year. With two miscarriages, & the loss of our home from a fire in between that, I was struggling. In such a small town like mine, finding others to talk about infertility with is hard. I have even joined the online support group Sarah’s Laugher offers! 💜 Such a great podcast, give it a try! 🌈
I discovered this Podcast maybe over a year ago when I was just searching for anything that felt relatable. I haven’t stopped listening since! I feel like I know these ladies. It speaks to my weary wanna be mama heart! I look forward to hearing each episode. I listen while I’m laying in bed, driving, cleaning, crafting, baking whatever it feels like they are in my home just hanging out with me. I always look forward to a prayer from Beth at the end it makes my day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’ve listened to so many of these podcasts and not one has left me without something encouraging to help me continue on this journey full of hope. All different kinds of stories and all in different parts of the journey. My favorite quote from a podcast: “if you can find peace and joy in the midst of suffering, confusion and uncertainty of the end result, that’s how you know you’ve won the battle of infertility”. God has used these podcasts to give me exactly that; peace, joy and so much more.
If you are affected by infertility, this podcast is a must. Through the stories of others, each episode offers hope and encouragement and practical ways of how to hang on and believe when you feel like giving up.
This podcast saved me in so many ways. When I was in despair I stumbled upon the podcast and flew through the episodes. Now I eagerly await each episode to come out each week.
It is great to hear other women (and men) that understand what I'm going through. I've really enjoyed that outsider's perspectives that get it. I've subscribed to the podcasts so I don't miss one.


By Tf88
Great pod for hearing personal stories of perseverance and fighting dark times. Great host and professional quality.