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Love listening to these two (commentators?) (political and social analysts?) talkers. Now have my whole family listening to them, both swear and non-swear versions. Come on! Listen to them already!
I listen to a lot of political podcasts, like Commentary mag, Ricochet, Federalist, etc. but this is hands down the best. Like laugh out loud hilarious. I don't have anything clever to say, but I hope they go on tour so I can enjoy them Live.
Enough Already is the highlight of my week, but I missed the podcast's uncensored banter, so adding the bonus material after the terrestrial radio show has made me a VERY happy camper! Keep up the great work, guys - courage! ;-)


By Thursby
''This is a must listen for anyone with a passion for rasinite.
I really like TLC and Fingers and how they discuss the happenings of the week. I am an AnCap but I really dislike the Left-Progressive folks. I get a lot of good dirt to add to my pile. Thanks again.
A quality podcast that mixes politics and culture into an entertaining, enticing package. Tracy and Fingers lend their voices and knowledge to current events issues (both serious and humorous), leaving you coming back for more.
Love the freedom these folks display with their non-PC truth! Great show!
I only subscribe to two "must listen to" podcasts. Enough Already is one of them. Do yourself a favor, add it to your queue.
Okay, no bacon, but it's better than mere smoked pork. If you liked The Snark Factor you'll love EA. Love may be too weak a word. "Addictive" might work. In a world slouching towards NPR-style pale mediocrity, born is the darkly snarky other side. Give in. Resistance is futile.
I've been following Fingers for years and was so excited for his new podcast! It does not disappoint. Hilarious & entertaining all the way with awesome guests too. Love subscribing to this podcast!
Great interviews, and hosts that are like half news anchor, and half the drinking buddies you wish you had. Funny as hell!