Pirates Of The Magic Kingdom

Reviews For Pirates Of The Magic Kingdom

They have many interesting Disney World topics but to listen involves getting past lots of coughing and strange background noises — heavy breathing, chewing sounds, etc..
Everything you could ask for in a Disney podcast!! Very informative! Entertaining! And all around fun show! Keep up the great work Captain Stan, Lieutenant John, and Favorite Red Head Rachel!!
I've listened to many Disney Park podcasts and this is my favorite. If you want the Disney podcast from down to earth people that really love everything Disney, this is it. It's nice to hear from a dad and son team since me and my kids love the parks too. Also, I live in Florida and love the Florida perspective you guys give the parks and all the tips you guys give every week. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy it!
What a great way to learn new fun facts about Disney. It is great to hear park lovers discuss the topics you are thinking about.
A good mix of information. Love the concept. Cool logo. I'm a pirate at heart.