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These guys are knowledgeable and fun to listen to. They also have great guests on the show.
Joel, Mike, and Pat have taken what was once a sporadically posted podcast and made it into an influential part of the R/C community. Discussing everything from fixed wing, to multirotors, to full scale they never cease to entertain and enlighten. One day, maybe Joel will even show us how to make a Bloody Rippah! Keep up the good work, boys!
I listened to your first podcast, then though you didn't add any content! I found you again after listening to Flite Test's latest podcast and realized I didn"t have the correct address. I'm am happy to have found you again and have been catching up. I'll be going to Flite Fest West and it is about a 12 hour drive so that will help me catch up.
Hope this isn't against the rules, but I love our show! I hope that everyone out there will listen to it and review us as well! We just want to bring content that the community wants! Thanks for listening!!!!
I must say I feel like I know you guys. Funny thing is I've talked to you guys but of coarse you can't hear me because I'm probably in my truck driving. Haha. Also funny when I get caught laughing out of nowhere. Keep it going, don't change a thing. Looking forward to flite fest west. Maybe see some of you there.
Take a northern guy, a southern guy and a Britt and throw in the Flitetest community and you got yourself some good times! Great representation of what the RC hobby is all about. Special guests round out the good times! Hey Pat, Joel and Mike!
Pat, Mike and Joel are a lot of fun to listen to. They stick pretty close to the Flite Test ideals about getting people involved in the hobby and often have interesting guests on to contribute to the ongoing discussion about all things RC flight. This is one of those podcasts that I don't miss or just "fast forward" on. If you love Flite Test, you'll love these guys.
Great group of guys who share the RC hobby.
If you're into RC you need to listen to this show, great group of people!