Moving Well Podcast

Reviews For Moving Well Podcast

Lots of great guest and insight to the fitness world of why and how
I absolutely love these podcast!! Janet and Nikki are adorable and addicting! I learn something every podcast :)
Nikki and Janet are putting out solid content from credible and driven industry leaders. You can't go wrong if you're intersted in learning how to move better and be happier!
Must subscribe, fabulous content. Plus they are funny.
New to the podcast, and subscribed after one episode!
A huge thanks to Nikki and Janet for starting this podcast! As a dancer, I am very invested in the longevity of my career. Nikki has helped me think about movement in a practical and sustainable way. I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to improve their body's efficiency.
This is the sort of grounded, common-sense information that fitness professionals and anyone with a body can use. Janet Sunderland and Nikki Naab-Levy keep it light, quick and relevant.
Janet and Nikki make learning about movement fun! I plan to exercise for life & the info on this podcast gives me confidence to keep going strong!
I am so happy that Nikki has expanded her reach to include this podcast. Her information is thoughtful, practical, and actionable for anyone who is tired of going through the injury-recovery-Reinjury cycle. As a physical therapist and Pilates teacher for over 20 years, I highly recommend this podcast and her website for those looking to get back into a fit and HEALTHY life that is realistic and not based on false media claims.