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I'm a recent college grad and I love listening to what all the contributors have to say because it offers glimpses into the minds of people who are on the cutting edge of the industry. Which really helps open the eyes of someone like me whose exposure to the field is super limited. It's even helped me deal with a lot of worries I've had about my own career and given me the confidence to work on my own flaws. You guys are awesome!!
I really appreciate the breadth of guests on the show — folks from a lot of different backgrounds on a lot of different career paths. Really interesting stuff, done well but also done humbly. Recommended.
I have been following Matt and Andy's podcasts since On The Grid. They are very intelligent designers and speakers. This podcast provides a variety of insight on different topics relating to design and it's practice with the views of other working designers. I gravitate towards Andy and Matt's podcasts because they care. The sound, the topics, and the guests are top notch and anything they put out is worth a listen.
A breath of fresh air in design discourse: a range of diverse voices talking about actual things, not portfolio pieces.
This podcast really causes you to stop and think introspectively the role of a designer by breaking down some of the B.S. barriers surrounding the industry . Thank you Matt and Andy for all of the contual effort and perspective you offer! P.S. You had mentioned possibly doing a podcast about Testing/Analytics and how so much of that is total garbage but some of it is actualy viable. I'd love to hear more about that topic and its ownership to how that data may influence decision making for better or for worse.
Interesting views presented thoughtfully by "real world" designers. Even though I don't always agree with the opinions shared on this show, it's always worth the listen to challenge your thoughts and provide a broader perspective on the current world of design.
Insightful hosts and guests. Important topics, many of which aren't discussed in other design podcasts. I feel like I'm in on a secret that I'm not sure why it's a secret. I hope more folks find this!
Matt and Andy do an amazing job of getting interesting designers/creatives on the show talking about topics that are relevant and provide tangible advice I can reflect on and consider for my own career. Wonderfully topic focused, never dry!
the only design podcast that i've found that talks about design realistically
Very good podcast all about design
Andy, Matt you guys are such dorks! I love it O(≧▽≦)O (I mean, intelligent dorks)
Matt and Andy have put together an eclectic coterie of designers to talk about topics in the design industry that matter most.
Very excited to have this podcast added to my roster. I needed something like this but couldn't find it from others that I've listened to. The discussion style of this podcast allows for easy listening on very relevant topics to design, the creative process, and being a human on the internet. I really appreciate that the roster of guests will shift, allowing for different voices every episode. Can't wait to hear more!