More to the Story

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MTS is like a behind the scenes for true story telling. In a conversational style interview host Janna Maron engages with authors of personal memoirs about the hidden details that make these moments so memorable.


Best podcast about creative nonfiction!
This is an exciting new podcast featuring creative nonfiction writers and their writing. Really interesting to get a glimpse into the minds of writers and how their stories came to be in the world. Each episode includes a reading of an excerpt by the author being interviewed, followed by an in-depth discussion on the topic of that featured piece of writing. Janna Marlies Maron does an excellent job interviewing the writers, and the theme song for the podcast is fun and catchy.
Love hearing about this genre.Writer or reader, this podcast is insightful to both.
More to the Story makes me want to write more. It’s inspiring, which is precisely what you want a podcast like this to be. Plus, it explores the world of creative non-fiction uniquely and with unabashed ebullience. Excellent stuff. - N
This podcast provides a fascinating look into the making of great stories. For storyteller’s, it’s like therapy. For readers, it’s a behind-the-scenes tour of story making. And for listeners, it’s an incredible companion to the stories that they’ve either enjoyed reading or will be anxious to get to at the end of the episode.