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This is such an incredible podcast. I literally love listening to this in the car on the way to work and home. I’ve literally listened to this podcast like three times already just for kicks. Dr. Olson really knows how to simplify things in a way that make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. Love the succinct explanations and mnemonics for memorization. Just listening to this podcast I can tell Dr. Olson is truly passionate about EM and teaching - he is so engaging and interesting to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom with us! You are the GOAT!
OMG! I’m a Nursing Student who enjoys listening to Podcasts that involves trauma, EM, Clinical Cases, and much more. I love the delivery of this educational podcast. It can not get any more concise than this. LOVE IT!!!!
I’ve listened to a handful of podcasts now while I’m on my 4th year EM rotation and I have found this podcast super helpful. Zach is clear and concise in his description and gives great schemas for approaching common problems students will encounter in the ER!
As an M4 entering the clerkship season, these episodes were the single biggest factor in my success on shift. I typed the notes up into a little cheat sheet, and I still cary that sheet around with me today as a resident. It’s saved my but more than once. Thanks for the hard work Dr Olsen!
The ongoing ABEM oral board mock scenarios have been good listens. Thanks for putting in the work.
I am an acute care NP student and your podcast offers me a vast amount of knowledge and critical thinking especially on my daily run and walks. Thank you Mr Zack for sharing your knowledge with us. God bless you.
I’m a second year PA student and I started listening to your podcasts during my long commutes to rotations from your very first episode. I want to work in EM because I spent almost 4 years working as an ER scribe during undergrad and I just loved every bit of it. I find myself listening and re-listening to your podcasts even when I just need a peace of mind — probably weird, but I love the succinct yet informative episodes. One episode you talked about burnouts and how prayer and meditation works including ensuring your purpose — this really shows your purpose. Thank you so much for the wisdom and the want to see others become successful also. Keep being great and prayers for your continued success and influence! — Steph Clay
I don’t usually like writing reviews but you are incredible. You paint a clear picture & make it so much simpler to learn. Great job, keep it up Doc!
Zack’s ability to simplify complex patient presentations and communicate a clear way to work up and manage these patients is incredible. My favorite medical podcast
Acute Care NP student. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 So dope, so helpful. Appreciate these podcasts so much!
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! wow.
I’m a new grad PA about the start my first ever job in the ED. These podcasts are awesome. Thanks so much
I’m a PA student and these lectures have been so helpful during my EM rotation! Thanks for all the time you put into them!
Seriously great stuff. I’m an IM intern and honestly I’m loving it. Really appreciate the time you put into the podcast
This is the best podcast ever! Dr. Olsen makes learning fun and easy to understand.
Highly recommended x 10
I love this podcast so much! You guys actually have personality and have fun with it! Other podcasts are so dry and boring! I love the scenarios with Dr. Estefan you guys are hilarious together and so relatable while still learning so much. Please bring him back for more! I get so sad whenever there’s not a new episode!
Dr. Olsen’s awesome podcast does what few others do. His voice is enjoyable to listen to, his inflections and tones add to the podcast and are not annoying. He presents things in a quick but thorough and very practical manner I can very much appreciate. Keep up the great work Dr Olsen!!
Zack, I know you may be at the point where you don’t need these reviews as much as before, but I’ve been listening long enough that I feel really compelled to leave my comment. I am a current 4th year medical students from University of Rochester. Listening to the episodes from beginning till now gave me a sense of how much effort you have put in the content and even pieces of your life while you were preparing them. To me, not only do these episodes euipped me with the necessary knowledge base for my rotation, but they also prepared me in so many real life ways that my medical school lectures never really got into, which are essential for my performance and learning in the emergency department setting, which is also what I think the most valuable aspect of the show. I can vaguely guestimate the time you spent brainstorming, writing and rehearsing each episode, every 10 min episode probably has hours of your time invested in them. I have listened to some of the more recent episodes, and am aware of the hard decisions you have been making. I just wanna say, as one of the many medical students who benefitted from your teaching since 2016, I am eternally thankful, and fully supportive of whatever decision you need to make. I am sure my fellow students would all agree with me that we want you to have full happiness and joy in both personal life and career, same as what you’ve always wished for us. To us, your wellness is a much higher priority than educating us, and you should prioritize similarly : ). And to be honest, I think you have already done enough for us, I personally believe these episodes can for sure sustantially accelerate a medical student’s maturation into resident, and still be effective for years into residency. Thank you again for the awesome education Zack and best of luck, I will always be grateful.
This podcast is easy to listen to everyday and gives great pearls. Love the new format! It’s fun and I’m learning so much. Thanks for all you do!
Dr. Olsen, THANK YOU for everything that you have done. As I’m listening to your latest episode now, I feel the need to reach out and thank you for helping me shine on m first away rotation. I received HONORS on my first EM rotation and was told my presentations are “accurate, concise and reliable”. Do you know why? I stumbled upon your podcast after talking with a classmate and decided to listen to the “How to crush your SLOE” series and I learned to present my patients in the ER from you. Before, my patient presentations were known to be detailed but wayyyyyy too long! Now, I have a strong grasp of what most attending a want to hear from med students’ presentations and I can deliver. Seeing as this is one of the most important skills in being a Med student, I have to give credit where it’s due for my Honors grade. YOU and your example of good presentations and how to essentially be an awesome ED team player, were instrumental in my success. I’m beyond excited about EM and so grateful for you and your energizing podcast. You’re the man.
I am a second year and I listen to your podcast in my car. It is a great compliment for my lectures.. I love the Alteplase 9min segment. Thank you!!
this podcast has really helped me learn while on my EM Sub I, thank's so much Zack, keep up the hard work, it's really helping me out
I’m a new grad PA in the ER and love listening to these podcasts! Super helpful quick summaries.
As a medical student, this has been my favorite podcast relating to emergency medicine. Solid topics with a good variety that will help prepare you for your time in the ED. Zack does a fantastic job breaking things down into evidence based, easy-to-listen-to podcasts that also touch on things that you’d otherwise only hear from a close mentor. Definitely worth subscribing!
I have been working EM locums for 7 years. I have been listening to medical podcasts for 6-7 years, and I HIGHLY recommend for medical students and also ESPECIALLY for EM residents, PA’s and NP’s, this podcast above all others as this is the BEST source to become familiar with emergency medicine. Zack LOVES EM, and is VERY informative and teaches very high yield info in a short time. Perfect for quick review as you first see a new patient and do NOT know where to begin your work up and/or assessment and plan, to present to your attending. You will shine on your EM rotation and stand out among other EM residents early on if you listen to and follow his quick, but very up to date points. Zack obviously studies A LOT and seriously knows emergency medicine VERY well, and because of this, he makes difficult cases so easy to understand. Plus, his warm and fun personality will KEEP you listening. Just check it out.....you will NOT be disappointed! Also, tell others who are studying emergency medicine, and are trying to learn a lot in a short time about this podcast. They will think YOU are brilliant! Well done Zack.
Hands down - best EM podcast for students that I’ve come across. I am sad that I’m almost finished with the episodes. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED
These podcasts are fantastic. Starting my EM rotation soon and these have been a gold mine. Highly recommend to anyone considering listening!
Best podcast for school I’ve found so far. Excellent teaching.
Lots of great info on how to work up a patient in the ED. 2nd year Med student-> Intern this is perfect for you. I'll be an intern in a few months and there has been some great reminders of proper patient workup. Great companion for EM Basic! Update: love it even more after the new format.
This is such a wonderful, organized, high-yield podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about emergency medicine topics. Really appreciate your time and dedication, Zack!


By Thori k
One of my favorite medical podcast to listen too. It’s short and to the point with many high yield tips and first hand experience from the doc. Keep up the great work!
You're killing me! 🤣 Also, I'm a medic who is reviewing for my (too many) now recert classes (when I first took ACLS Levophed was on the way out and we called it "leaveEMdead") and thought it was straight forward but, if your reviewing for ACLS class, know your H&T's! Thanks!
I love the format of this podcast! Quick, high yield, easy to follow, full of pearls...it’s perfect! Thank you Zach Olsen for a brilliant and entertaining learning tool!
I have been listening to Zach’s podcast since the first day of my rotation and it has easily been one of the greatest educational resources I have encountered in med school. The topics are well done in a timely manner (10 minutes or less) and they simplify even the most advanced of EM topics. If you want to do well in your clerkship, this is an absolute must!
I love this podcast. Has been so useful and helpful for my EM clerkship and am learning every episode. It’s my favorite medical podcast I’ve heard to date. It’s short enough to keep interest and long enough to explain the basics.
Love how short straightforward and simple it is. I’m only about 15 episodes in from when it began, however it’s all I listen to while I drive.
I am a nurse in the emergency department and I feel so much more confident after listening to this podcast. I love the bite-sized, information-packed, easy-to-understand explanations. I feel like a more useful part of the team and more confident speaking with my patients and physicians. Keep the amazing content coming!
Straightforward no frills EM basics. Good stuff
Thanks for your time.

By WAP92
New PA in the ER, excellent quality for topic-based review.
Perfect for a 3rd year medical student. I have no intentions of going into ER medicine and I find this very helpful
I’m an ER nurse and I love the amazing and understandable ER information I receive through these podcasts! Thanks Zack!
i started listening to EM clerkship podcast about a week prior to my NP exam and i wished i learned about it sooner. nevertheless, it absolutely helped me with my certification exam and passed it on the first try. the topics are straight to the point and focus only on the important things you need to know.
I am a nurse and I absolutely love Zack! I wish I worked with him. He is a better teacher than most of my teachers in nursing school. I plan on continuing my education and this podcast helps me confirm my passion for EM and Trauma. Thank you Dr Zack for taking time from your busy life to help us. You’re amazeballs!
This guy is fantastic. I have learned so much from him. I'm on round two going through this podcast again just before 2nd round of boards. Thanks Zach!
Zach breaks down all topics to a quick, high yield, need to know summary for students. I’ve definitely remembered some tidbits from each episode hat have impressed attendings on my shift. Worth the 10 minutes per episode!
Zack does an incredible job breaking down EM topics to a handful of key points. I'm crediting him for my stellar grades on all three EM rotations. Thanks, Zack!
Everything in this podcast is all you need when u practice in ED. He doesn’t waste ur time, straight to the point and easy to learn