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DC and Doc have such great chemistry together. I love this podcast, they dive in on everything pro wrestling not just WWE also other entertainment things like movies books etc. So give them a chance check'em out you won't regret it.
Two guys with informed wrestling opinions coming at it from different end of the spectrums. DC from the traditional pro wrestling fan outlook, and Doc from the narrative and writing outlook. Both work together to form an opinion that is realistic about basic improvements the wrestling story-telling method could use, while still holding to the elements that make us love pro-wrestling in the first place. Whether you need DC's positive takeaways, or Doc's critical rants, this show is for you. If that doesn't sell you, their undeniable chemistry and tangents of taste testing snacks just might.
Mr. Manson and DC are a perfect combination of humor, serious talk, and sometimes anger. They talk about wrestling most of the time, but they do touch on movies, comics, and food when they get off topic. Their podcast is the one thing I look forward to each and every Friday. They try to best each other in predictions and they take emails from their amazing fans. Only the best wrestling fans listen to DDT Wrestling. As they always say find your happy. Oh, and Oscar YES! Your bestie, Nate.
A great podcast that talks about wrestling food movies and what ever randomly comes give them a listen
I listen to many wrestling podcasts and this show is always a must-listen. DC and Doc do a wonderful job of giving insight without sounding snarky or "above" the listener. I always throughly enjoy. Thrillhouse90
DC Matthews and Doc Manson are two long time friends who have a podcast about wrestling. They have such great chemistry together that their conversations are just so easy to listen to. They also talk about other things (hence and beyond in the title). From movies, to pumpkin. They talk about EVERYTHING. It's a very easy listen and will get a lot of laughs. Definitely worth listening to Chip
DC & Doc do a great job of bringing the world of wrestling into podcast form. Unlike many wrestling podcasts where the hosts take joy in bashing everything WWE, these two attempt to remain positive. Along with wrestling they have been known to talk movies, video games and baked goods. Great show for those who just want a sensible podcast. Doc and DC play off each other very well and it is a pleasure to listen to.
Doc and do are great together. Great listen every week. Keep up the good work.
If you are looking for a positive look at the world of wrestling, you've come to the right place. If not, you've still come to the right place.
Hilarious podcast that anyone will enjoy. Nerd DC is gold with his parody songs despite Doc Manson's views on them. You are always guaranteed a run in from Mrs. Manson who brings Doc various treats during each podcast. If you are a wrestling fan then you owe it to yourself to check out DDT Wrestling.
Two everyday kind of guys with entertaining opinions and discussion. Rarely negative like many other shows
Funny podcast with well informed opinions. Good shtick between DC and Doc. Always entertaining. Magnum