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First- all I can say is 10/10 would recommend Second- I spent the last 2 months studying for the Georgia Bar and the past 3 years in Law school so I am finally back in the land of the living Third- unemployed and awaiting bar results, I’ve decided to tweet Andy Cohen 365 days in a row to get him to have Harrison Ford on WWHL and allow me to bartend Fourth- in my quest for the 3rd point, I stumbled upon this podcast and believe that Lauren and Rachel are my spirit animals Fifth- y’all are hilarious and I’m so sad that I’m late to the game!! Six- I can’t even explain how much I love Harrison and hope y’all continue podcasting!
I was never one to listen to podcasts, but when i stumbled upon this it’s the best thing that ever happened! I love hearing Lauren and Rachel review Harrison’s movies because it makes me feel there is someone else who enjoys his movies as much as i do. It’s smart, hilarious, and interesting to dive into every time and I can’t wait to hear what’s new.
Rachel and Lauren are awesome! This podcast is always a joy to listen to and it reminds me of the fact that I've seen an embarrassing amount of Harrison movies... it allows me to revisit them in their brilliant discussions. Great show--highly recommend!
there's nothing better than two amazing women discussing one of the hunkiest men of all time! absolute delight to listen to and so well versed in what they have to say. always support women in media! give them a listen!
Love Lauren and Rachel's take on Harrison Ford's filmography! They're funny and entertaining and I always look forward to checking out the newest episode!
I've always admired Harrison Ford as an actor, from a child meeting him for the first time as Indiana Jones to falling in love with Han Solo. However, the Fordcast made me love and appreciate him and his work even more. Lauren and Rachel's commentary is hilarious, and I've learned so many new things about Harrison from them. I also follow the Fordcast on Tumblr, which brings me daily Harrison-joy! Since I've begun listening and following the podcast, I've watched nine Harrison Ford films I'd never seen before (and enjoyed them all!). So, huge thanks to Rachel and Lauren for the inspiration! Come and listen, and be prepared to become a bigger Harrison Ford fan than ever before.
You should check it out.


I'm so glad I found this podcast! Not only is it funny it goes over all the films of my fav actor. Sometimes even the bad ones make the best episode!
I found these ladies on Twitter and I love their podcast! I love finding fellow fangirls who speak with knowledge and enthusiasm. Plus, it helps that there are times when I laugh out loud. Kudos to this informative and highly entertaining podcast.
I laugh. I cry. I'm glad to have found this throught Twitter. Rachel is the fangirl unleashed. Lauren is the voice of reason. They bring great information to the table, stirring up facts I forgot I knew in the cobwebs of my mind. I love how they analyze the films, as well as cinema in general. Having grown up in the 70s, I laugh when they say a film is labeled as a comedy but it's not funny. Yeah, that was the 70s. I think everyone was high when they watched those so-called comedies. I also love how they point out the different styles of acting and directing in Harrison's early career and how it affected his performances. I'm enjoying the reviews of the films. I've seen 32 of them. I hope to see the rest eventually. Keep up the great work, ladies!
This podcast is everything I want in a podcast - funny, entertaining, and I love reminiscing about Harrison Ford's movies throughout the decades. Rachael and Lauren are fantastic hosts with great chemistry. While the ladies spend a good amount of time discussing Ford - a lot of the podcast is spent on talking about the movie in general, and reflecting on what was going on in the world at the time it was being shot . If you love going to the trivia section of IMDB - you will love this podcast. I was hooked after just a few minutes! Keep up the fantastic work!
Lauren and Rachel's energy is absolutely infectious. I would have never thought to make a podcast about Harrison Ford's filmography but I'm so glad that exists. Full of great background information on every film, too! If you love Harrison Ford, you'll love this podcast.
Awesome podcast! Lauren and Rachel are very entertaining and bring a lot to each episode. They do their research and it's been cool learning new things about Harrison Ford that I never knew before. Subscribe and follow! You won't be disappointed!
I've listened to a lot of podcasts out there and I can safely say, without any doubts, that this podcast is the absolute best podcast on the market!!! As a big Han Solo fan, it's really great to hear what else the Han Solo Actor (Harrison Ford) have left to the movie industry. What A Man!!
I love everything about this podcast, from learning random facts about Harrison's movie to hearing your stories about Harrison. I would highly recommend this podcast even if you aren't a fan of Harrison's.
if you like Han Solo or Indian Jones or Mr.Ford himself, you'll like this podcast. his co-stars are brought up sometimes too, because you just can't talk about him as han solo and not mention carrie or mark.
The 17th time she said that, I turned it off.
Lauren and Rachel...guys are great. You are so knowledgeable about Harrison Ford and subjects relating to his films. Plus your voices sound awesome. Very inviting. Loves it!
Rachel and Lauren share a lot of general '80s movie trivia, along with their commentary on Harrison Ford's films. They are very knowledgeable about the history of movies. I learned something every time I listen! -- moosecat on Tumblr
Fun look at Harrison Ford's career and roles. Nice to finally "meet" some other ladies that think the way I do!
Rachel and Lauren do such an incredible job with these podcasts and their awesome on social media! Everyone should follow them on their accounts and listen to the podcast.
I'm loving this podcast! ALL the funny, intellectual and informative Harrison Ford movie reviews and more that you never knew you needed in your life. This is definitley becoming an every other week listening ritual for me.
These girls rock, they have one of the most fun podcasts I've listened to in a long time. It helps to like Harrison Ford of course, but even if you aren't fangirls like these two, you will still have fun listening to them talk. Totally worth checking out, super great for car listening too. Check em out
I don't often write reviews, but The Fordcast deserves the praise! Hosts Rachel and Lauren are funny, informative, and have an excellent time discussing not only Harrison Ford's career but also neat behind-the-scenes tidbits that you might not have learned otherwise as well as personal stories connected to memories of watching Ford growing up. The icing on the cake is that the hosts are fantastic people too! As a proud nerd and Ford fan, the Fordcast is easily one of my favorite podcasts, and I plan on staying an avid listener!
I absolutely love this podcast! Rachel and Lauren are so entertaining and they just keep me wanting more! Also very glad for the bad movies they have kept me from watching ;) They could keep me entertained for hours! So glad I found them and I can't wait for the next episode.
These gals are so witty and amazing. Every time I watch an episode, I'm left wanting more in the best possible way! If you wanna fall for Harrison Ford more than you already have, you're in the right place. Keep impressing, ladies!
This show is a great deal of fun. The cohosts have a great amount of chemistry and enthusiasm for everyone's favorite dashing actor, Harrison Ford. I think the neatest feature of the show is it's chronological order to Harrison Ford's career. There is also lots of great Harrison Ford pop culture woven in. Fun to chat with the hosts on Twitter!
Lauren and Rachel are FANTASTIC!!! They never fail to put a smile on my face. Keep it up you guys!
Lauren and Rachel do an amazing job with the Fordcast! How cool is it to have a podcast all about Harrison Ford?! So cool! And these girls are so nice and funny. If you love Harrison Ford, you definitely need to listen to this podcast and follow the Fordcast social media accounts for some quality content! - Erin (Twitter: @Bones_Booth Tumblr: hewouldve)
Rachel and Lauren have a great funny take and interested insight and trivia on each of Harrison's movies. Really fun.
I just started listening to The Fordcast and I want to be friends with Lauren and Rachel ASAP! I look forward to following along in their quest of The Full Ford!