GotMead Live Radio Show

Reviews For GotMead Live Radio Show

Great podcast. I just wish they created a second podcast more focused on technical information with a bit less gabbing. Also, some of us cannot afford to go to the conferences, the "teasers" to the information that will be provided in talks at the conferences do more to irritate then anything. Please include how the "rest of us" can aquire the information that you will not disclose on the podcast.
Without a doubt the podcasters and interviewees are the most knowledgeable and entertaining Mazers in the Mead Making (and drinking😉) space. With over 50 years combined experience in making, judging and helping the Mead the niche grow, every episode is a delight to my ears.
I have to turn the volume way up to hear Vicki but when I do that, A.J.’s volume blast my ears. The volume needs to be leveled out so there is not as much variance in volume levels. Other than that, I love the show.
I love this show. It has changed some of my techniques on making mead. Hopefully for the better.