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I cannot stand Nathan Hubbard, he says so many things that make me cringe. From hating on JT for his celebration after making that 60 foot bomb at memorial to Debbie downer Tiger comments. House deserves 17/5 stars and the guests they bring on are top notch, just think they need a new cohost.
Love Joe and Hubs and all the guests. Format is great. Wish I could count on when (sometimes if) it’s going to drop.
Nathan Hubbard is fantastic. He’s insightful and on point with his commentary. Joe House, while I like his enthusiasm, is awful with his stammering and pauses. I hope Bill Simmons can find another host for this show, b/c Hubbard is worth listening to every week.
Love Joe House, hate Nathan Hubbard. Less of him please
Great golf podcast. Hubbard and House are awesome!
Best golf pod for casual fans & entertainment bettors. Also the conversation with Hubbs, Homa & Dahmen was delightful. My new 3 favorite guys on tour
Updated: y’all actually listened.. thanks for putting the last couple pods out earlier.. Ya gotta come out with your episode sooner.. dropping it 12 hours before the tournament starts, our bets are already in, lineups are already set, and we basically have no reason to listen
Great content & very entertaining but often comes out to late Wednesday to act on the recommendation
Good podcast, but feel compelled to say that they are very inconsistent with episodes. Look forward to it but it’s been upsetting as there just has been very little content in the past 6 months. Starting to lose me as a listener.
I listen to almost every Ringer pod and play a ton of golf, so it’s a bummer that this show is unlistenable.
Good luck
Listen to a lot of podcasts. Never review but felt compelled. This podcast needs a review cause people who listen don’t go out of their way to review or rate. Golf listeners ... drop a review! House talking golf = pretty, pretty, pretty ... good!
Joe House for president !
Great pod, really entertaining. No presidents cup no Tiger wins 82 pods though. Could use more episodes.


Use to be a good pod...
Love the variation in this podcast! I relate to how House enjoys his golf and the contributors fit into the package well!
It’s just boring. Houses’ “drunk frat guy all grown up but not fully” act gets super tired without Shacks serious golf talk. I tried, guys. I really tried.
I’m here for house, Verno thinks this is his show. No more Verno PLEASE.
Bill Simmons ruined this podcast
This podcast used to have a real purpose and brought tremendous knowledge to its listeners. House is a great 2nd fiddle, but now the pod lacks identity and is trivial.
This podcast has been ruined with Shackleford’s departure and the inclusion of Schuster. It makes no sense. I know no one that cares about her subject. I figure she was included as part of Simmons’ efforts to be “woke”. I expect it from ESPN. This podcast can be listened for about 20 minutes & about every third guest.
Without Shack, this podcast is no longer a must listen. The guests that House brings on don’t seem to know much about golf, and the “Social” segment is cringeworthy. Shack and House made for my favorite golf podcast.
I really miss the dynamic that Shack and House created. Shack brought solid information and inside knowledge while House gave us the reactions of the everyday golf nut. Now it just seems like there is no back bone to the show. It’s too bad because I use to look forward to this podcast regularly.
House is great but his guests who make the picks are pretty horrendous. They had a guy who picked Tiger to miss the Masters cut (sac religious) and another loser who consistently picks Harold Varner and Luke List. Cmon House. Do better
I can’t figure out an appropriate volume to listen at. It’s borderline painful. Without Shack I’m not sure this is worth your time..
Really bad without Shack. Super disappointed with this year's format.
The podcast without Geoff Shackleford is no where close to as good. It’s disappointing that they broke it up, because they were a good combination. It’s unlistenable now and I have unsubscribed.
House is hilarious and well informed
House is great. Pure fun.
I actually do enjoy House. I can’t listen to him ramble on about golf however without Geoff Shackelford guiding the way. House is a fantastic sidekick, but he is not the captain of the ship.
Takes too long for the show to get going. 2-3 minutes of ads, then another 2-3 minutes of thank you’s and exaggerated intros. Just jump into it and go
Joe House is a likable enough guy and adequate host but the Callaway product placements are way too frequent and obnoxious. This show would be ten times better if Joe House never said “Birdie Buddies” and “par saving pals” again because it is so annoying. Joe needs to drop the attempted southern accent for introducing guests - it is embarrassingly bad.
The podcast need someone to rope in Joe House’s worst impulses, and with him posting alone, there is no one. Shack filled the role very well and had some actual goal of knowledge, about the game, the players, the courses, course design and other things that matter to true God fans. Unfortunately House does not. I listened to both of the Masters pods and I think I’m done.
I listen to the previous podcast with Geoff Shackelford every week. I cannot listen to this podcast because the people speaking are fans just like me and have no extra insight to provide. I really like House but there has to be a golf authority to balance his fan excitement with reality.
Very disappointed in this year’s shows. House seems to be just yelling and the information is mediocre. Very disappointing of this Ringer Pod.
Originally a must listen when it was shackhouse, now it can’t hold my attention.
Content quality suffering without Shack. Bummer, was one of my fav pods. Bad decision by BS & House
House is great. Shack was great. I like Harry when he is on. Everybody is below average.
Was such a great podcast with Shack. Perfect balance. Had to unsubscribe.


This pod needs Shackelford in the worst way. The insider/historical golf knowledge he gave up by losing him is too much for this pod to overcome.
The new format is virtually unlistenable without Geoff Shackelford. Seriously, who are you trying to appeal to???