Reviews For The Path 'Cast - The Unofficial Podcast of The Path on Hulu

Nuff said
I started watching The Path after it had already been announced that it was canceled, and this podcast was the perfect thing to extend my experience so it wasn’t all over too soon. Michael and Ashley are both so funny, and their insight into the show was sometimes right on track with mine and other times so far off from what I was ever thinking but in such a good way! If you’re looking for something to help keep you from binging the show in a weekend and then being sad it’s over, this podcast is the answer for sure. Although now I’m sad that The Path is over AND that the podcast is over. But that’s okay! Thanks a ton, you guys. I laughed a lot and I can’t wait to check out your new podcast!
It's Season 3 and I have just found this podcast, so I started with the Pilot and just finished your Season 1. No one I know watches this show and I hated not having anyone to discuss it with. You guys do a great job! I like that you have discussions mixed in with your recaps so that it doesn't just sound like you're reading the episode descriptions off of IMDB or Wiki. I'm watching the Season 3 finale tonight and so sad that it's over. I haven't heard if it's renewed for a fourth season yet. I'm going to keep listening until I'm caught up. Kind of fun to go back and re-think the episodes knowing where the storyline is today. Do you guys do any other shows??? Keep up the great work and I love The Path 'Cast!!
I discovered the podcast once I started watchifg season two. I'm glad I did. They do a great job. The sound quality is done well and the two hosts have a fun time reviewing each episode. I was able to binge-watch season two because I waited a long time after watching season one. Keep up the good work! I'm glad there's a podcast covering this great show.
Will you guys be resuming the podcast for Season 3? Please say yes!
I enjoy their review of each episode. Very laid back!
I'm currently catching up on the show and the podcast, and loving both. I really appreciate the recaps, it helps with keeping the storylines straight and formulating theories.


By Am0108
Glad other people are watching and talking about this show!! We love it so much! Great recaps and conversation!
I was searching high and low for a path pod- and I'm so glad I stumbled across this one!! These 2 are great. They are funny and spot on in their commentary. Love them
Nothing better than reliving The Path with this podcast. The shows get straight to the point, discuss each episode in detail, and offer great connections opinions. My wife HATES podcasts, and she actually enjoyed listening to these two cut up. I mean, who the heck throws out a perfectly good pancake anyway? I'll keep listening. Hopefully Michael & Ashley will be able to come back around on the show by the end of the season!
There's some great chemistry and comedy with Mike and Ashley. If you you like dissecting a superb show with a spirited couple, this podcast is a must!!
Keep up the great work. I enjoy listening and your chemistry is entertaining.
If you love the show. You will love this podcast. Wish you guys were doing season 2
Thanks Mike and Ashley. I was looking for a podcast that could help me gush about The Path since my friends aren't currently watching. I wish I found both you and The Path sooner so I could provide more feedback during the show. I do request maybe a bit more research into somethings and maybe a bit more theorizing, but other than that- the summaries are nice! On an aside, are you familiar with The Living Reminders podcast on HBO's The Leftovers?? You two are their twins! So many Lost references and cute husband wife banter- plus you're both from New England! I'm not convinced you are not the same people. Keep it up! Can't wait for season 2!
Seriously fun and an interesting take on what happens on this show. SO excited for Season 2!
Do you watch The Path? Do you over analyze tv shows? Do you have nicknames for all the characters? Do you listen to the Path Cast? Well you should! What are you waiting for? Download it right now. These guys are great. It's like discussing a show with my closest friends, insightful and crude.
The Path is definitely one of those shows that I need an aftershow to process what happened. The way the hosts of this podcast actually go through and recap the episode scene-by-scene makes me really appreciate what this show has to offer, especially in terms of character development. And it's super funny and light-hearted (and super cute at times, too!), too, which is a surprisingly welcome complement for such a dark show. Awesome stuff, guys!
This married couple is adorable. They have great intuition and analysis of each episode. So many other podcasts about TV shows seem incredibly ditzy and not worth one's time. But these two are definitely tuned into reality and bring great discussion about each episode. Keep up the great work, guys. I'm sad our time together for Season 1 is already almost over.
Funny stuff. Perfect addition to watching the show every week!

By adv03
Awesome! I've really enjoyed listening to your podcast! Thanks!