Money Mondays w/ Ash Cash

Reviews For Money Mondays w/ Ash Cash

I'm not a big fan of most podcasts because it's very boring and not informative. But Ash Cash gives some really good tips on everyday budgeting and financial advice. His personality really speaks volume, I wished I can meet him in person because he's so motivating. Apparently BM have no fees for their Accounts, I need to check that out.
Somehow I landed on the BM podcast by Ash Cash. At first I thought I would be bored from listening to a podcast but I was wrong. Ash was so energetic and inspiring. I never heard of BM before so I did do some research afterwards and found that it was pretty cool. They didn't charge any fees. Which I found so surprising. I will open an account very soon. Good listen for thought!!!
Worth listening, chock full of helpful tips.
Diggin' this podcast! Each episode I've listened to has been a quick dose of money-related motivation to kick off my week. Also love how the host incorporates trending pop culture topics in the mix to explain financial concepts in a fresh way!
No better way to start off the week with some great advice from the financial guru, Ash Cash!