UNspoiled! Daredevil

Reviews For UNspoiled! Daredevil

Love the pop culture discussion and cross talk built within.
It's so nice to listen to a podcast where the hosts are women, and they're more than capable of talking about the source material and the show intelligently and often hilariously. So often comic book related podcasts are dominated by male voices and world views, so this show stands apart. Natasha brings her thoughtful analysis as usual, and Maggie, who you'd never now is new to podcasting, is a wealth of knowledge on the comics. Both ladies are hilarious and their chemistry is natural and comfortable. I honestly don't feel the need to seek out other Daredevil podcasts because I get everything I need from this one. And, if you support the show through being a patron on Patreon, you get the added bonus of getting to listen to Natasha and various co-hosts discuss other comic-related things like Netflix's Jessica Jones and Captain America Civil War (the comics and the movie) as well as so many other shows. Keep up the great work, ladies!
I’m a little sad that it wouldn’t let me cuss, however this podcast is absolutely worth a listen. I have a backlog of 10 podcast episodes in my queue right now because I am ignoring them and continuously pursuing the next episode of this series. Whether you are a huge fan of Daredevil or don’t know anything other than the fact that he is blind, this is a podcast worth listening to. And now that these words are being read I can start saying random things. Like K’un L’un or triskaidekaphobia.
I giggle along with them. Every time. Thank you for laying the smack down on the characters when they deserve it!
So thankful for Natasha for starting this podcast... I only enjoy a few tv/movie review pods and this is one of them. With the Wire and Walking Dead pods winding down I was afraid Unspoiled was gonna be on the bench for a while, so thanks Dare Devil for keeping it in the rotation. Maggie is a natural too looking forward to hearing more.
Natasha. Thank you. I love this show AND your podcast so the combination of the two is amazing. Thank you.
Face front True Believers! Join comics neophyte Natasha and comics master Maggie as they diligently dig-into the delightful Daredevil! This dynamic duo definitely deliver! Excelsior!