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I first discovered this podcast while hiding from our relatives with my sister and a bottle of wine on Thanksgiving 2016 and have been too drunk to remember to unsubscribe since.
I seriously love listening to these guys break down episodes and seasons of GoT. They make me laugh out loud with their witty comments, drunken slurring, and musical theater references. I recommend this show to any true GoT nerd!
Love the show. Your personalities shine through.
Been listening since the very first episode and have loved every one. Unlike most recap podcasts, I feel like one is most like discussing the show with my friends. Rife with pop culture references (IASiP, Hey Arnold, Arrested Development), crazy tangents and drunken shenanigans, it's interesting, insightful and, most of all, fun!


By Trivie
I want friends like you guys!! Love this podcast! First time listener!
This podcast is awesome! I think it would be even funnier if I were also drunk, so I'll have to try that next time. I listened to them out of order, since I just found them this week. Season 7 Episode 3 was my first one - then decided I liked them and listened to 1 and 2. Just now I just downloaded all six "Pregame" shows for a laugh. I like the fact that they listened to advice and decided to penalize anyone who talked over the top of another person's point. Which must be REALLY hard when you are totally sloshed. I'd like to offer up one additional bit of advice - don't eat when your mouth is up to the microphone. Also hard to remember when you are seriously drunk. Even that doesn't reduce my five star rating. Just makes me wish I was in the same room as my new friends - eating, drinking and talking Thrones!
Toast the Direllama is hilarious, clever, and beautiful (I can only assume). Drinking GoT (BK) lost one star because the other hosts often disagree and argue with her, even over her most brilliant (toast) points. The other hosts should listen more attentively and agree with her more often. Four out of five stars.
I'm pretty confident that I don't want my daughter (who is finally old enough to watch Game of Thrones) or my dad (who is as old as Walder Frey and LOVES Game of Thrones) to listen to this podcast. Because it would possibly kill them both from embarrassment. But this podcast is great. You might think that an alcohol-fueled podcast recapping an episode of Game of Thrones might be chaotic, and you'd be right, but the joy that the podcasters have is infectious, and occasionally they say things of such profound truth that I'm terrified that I'll drive off the road in shock. Pay close attention to the road if you listen to this podcast during your morning commute. But it's worth the risk.
(Read in Trump voice/accent): YUUUUGE laughs, not enough reviews. SAD. COVFEFE
This is terrific. Absolutely Terrificâ„¢