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Podcast is dope a lil more energy from the interviewers towards getting the artist to speak up on content. And throwing snippets of the artist music during interview would living up the show some in my opinion
Mannn im outta state but i feel like im back home wit this podcast hearin my people Talk! Thedo always bring it. Need more Comedian guests and, mo ribbin but love the show! 10/10
I think Thedo needs some interview training and Adderall. Maq is okay but both of them struggle with younger artists as the younger or not well known artists need media training. It’s easier for both of them to interview artists when they are seasoned vets vs the lesser known. Maq saves Thedo most of the time when he struggles with communicating his thoughts and questions. However, I look forward to the podcast........we all have room for improvement and hope the show improves!


Dope show highly professional always on time with fresh content.
The Best Podcast Out Hands Down. DaTakeOver is Truly for The Culture!!For REAL Hip-Hop Lovers!!#NOLA
Love what these guys are doing for the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Weekly gems are dropped up and coming artists to legends. Dope 💯
I love this show, very informative information about the locals and the things going on in New Orleans.....keep up the positive work👍🏽
Dope podcast .I have been looking for new artist to listen to from New Orleans . I like the way the interviews flow especially the LG and the Twist X interview .Keep up the good work guys !!!
The show is organic!! It gives artist a way to talk about themselves and their music!! The host are real fans of the guest music and it's obvious thru the questions and conversations. It also gets to show that there is talent in New Orleans beyond the No Limit/Cash Money Era!!!