As If

Reviews For As If

It makes me happy when other people obsess over the same obscure things that I obsess over!
Just a great way to spend some time. The variety of voices makes for quite an interesting array of analysis. A great addition to the family of minute-by-minute podcasts.
The movie was great and so is the podcast.
I really like this take on breaking down the film very micro level and it's amazing. Keep up the good work!
This is a movie worthy of a good podcast like Darren's
A great addition to the minute-by-minute podcast genre. Lots of rotating guests. Well paced. Just an easy, excellent listen for all your ears.
One episode in and probably going all the way with it as long as they do. Attention to music, fashion, literary influence and the obvious nostalgia factor all spell out a great podcast. You'll be rolling with these homies for sure.